Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

This week has been a good reminder that, regardless of who is playing and the relative importance of a football match, if you don’t have a ‘trading angle’ into the match, then don’t play!

Europa League and Champions League matches have been difficult for me to find those ‘trading angles’.

I reminded you of this fact on Tuesday when Monaco played Juventus. I did, though, have a stab at three Correct Score bets: 2-0, 1-2 and 0-2. Well it was 2-0 to Juventus until the 69th minute, so there was a small profit on that scoreline.

Atl Madrid v Real Madrid on Wednesday: again, I could not see a trading angl, bar a rather speculative lay of Real Madrid ‘to qualify’ at 1.02. Atl Madrid led 2-0 before you know it. That 1.02 could be traded out at 1.24 odds for a reasonable return.

Summer’s here (ish)!

The summer leagues are hotting up. I have started to research the Norwegian Eliteserien, Swedish Allsvenskan and Superretan, Irish Premier Division and Finnish [unpronounceable name top league].

It is a little early with a few of these leagues to get those all-important ‘trading angles’. The patterns though are beginning to appear in the twelve-matches-played Irish Premier Division.

I have done the research for that league tonight so I hope you can benefit from it.

New balls please! 

No my girlfriend is not exacting revenge after accidentally opening my post (namely the 2017 Kelly Brook calendar) – I am referring to tennis, of course.

Tennis trading will come to the fore this summer to complement the summer leagues. I will be writing a few guides on tennis trading. I like the simple approach. Hot favourite cocks up first set, back hot favourite. Hot favourite redeems him/herself.

Tennis trading can involve price-graph reading – support and resistance. But I like a DRT-like approach. Do some research and react in-play.

Cricket trading

Are any of you cricket traders? I have begun researching cricket predominantly for an article in What Really Wins Money. I was taken by the huge amount traded on Betfair in the cricket markets. There must be that ‘trading angle’ in? I’ll keep you posted.

See you for a live chat or two over the weekend as the season dots the I’s and crosses the T’s, or in Wayne Rooney’s case, crosses the I’s and dots the T’s.

It all begins tonight with Chelsea’s bid to land the title. I will Tweet if I am up and online: @drtclub.

See you!