Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The biggest profits to be had from football trading/ betting is at the end of matches. Here’s a look at some recent late action matches.

Sassuolo v Napoli

90th and 95th minute goals. A Desmond 2-2 ending .

Lille v Marseille

After concerted pressure throughout the match, Lille get their goal (s) post 90th minute.

Strasbourg v Monaco

Strasbourg were chipping away on the inplay stats and soon got their reward.

It is at the end of matches where the big profits come. DO remember this in future, particularly with competitive 2-2 matches, 0-0’s and matches where one side has just been so dominant in the inplay stats.

And whilst on the subject of inplay stats, your 3 months trials to will be coming to an end soon. I’ll be sending a reminder email via the website so watch out for that today or in the next couple of days. I do hope you got to see how important inplay stats are to football trading and how using inplay stats can really boost your profits.

See you over the weekend , and remember…..the big profits come at the end of matches!!