Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

With the beast from the east set to hit the UK, your answer is probably no!

I am, however, talking about a.c. as it pertains to DRT.

A = Angles


The stronger your trading angles, and the more confident those angles, the better strike rate you will have.

How do I find an angle which I am confident with?

The first stop is the research within the Daily Bulletin at

Here’s an example of an angle which I am very confident with.

Barcelona v Inter – 1.62 Barcelona

  • Only 2 losses in the CL for Barcelona since April 2017 came v Roma in April 2018 and Liverpool last year away.
  • 5 clean sheets in 7 CL matches for Barcelona.
  • Barcelona at home in the CL are excellent. 29 wins and 3 draws last 32 matches at home.
  • Inter are having an excellent season domestically.
  • No win in 5 CL matches for Inter Milan. 3 1-1 draws in their last 4 matches. A 1-1 v Slavia Prague saw a 90th minute equaliser for Inter Milan
  • Angles? Inter Milan are having a great season but have to beat this superb Champions League home record for Barcelona. Can we trust this Barcelona home run?

Could you spot said angle? 29 wins and 3 draws for Barcelona at home in the Champions League within their last 32 matches! What a stat!

Here’s what happened during the match. Inter Milan took the lead. But hang on! Barcelona are unbeaten in 32 home Champions League matches.



The A.C. is definitely on with this one!

I use the Daily Bulletin to find these confident angles in . I also use the inplay stats  – what actually happens during the match- in order to generate other A.C. angles!

If you want to hone in on football matches with strong angles, I would suggest ignoring all matches where the favourite is at betfair odds of 2.4 or higher pre match. The market cannot split the teams. What makes you think you can? These odds are usually justified. I find, after researching, that I reach the same conclusions as the market. There is no angle. There is no confident angle.

You will see my angles at the base of every match researched. And remember, just because I research a match, it does not mean I will trade said match. I try to cover as many matches as possible within the Daily Bulletin, but may, in the end, be interested in just a handful of matches.

So, this weekend, and moving onwards, switch your ac on!

See you at the live chat webinar !