Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I hope you profited on Thursday. IT was the wife’s birthday and I had to take some time off for her. I will , of course, be invoicing her for lost earnings, especially

  • Rangers equaliser
  • Sampdoria equaliser
  • West Ham lead after going down 1-0
  • Napoli win from behind


I hope you spotted these yourself on Thursday in the Europa League. They’re like London Buses, sometimes the opportunities all come at once.

See you over the weekend for a live chat webinar or two, and if you can attend, please do. There are some additional trades at the live chat webinar, as well as some experimenting using a ‘virtual’ betfair where I can trade in real markets but without real money. Indispensible in providing us with potential future trading angles.

Unlike the Queen, my wife does not have 2 birthdays so that should be her sorted for another year. See you over the weekend I hope!