Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The market tends to be accurate with International matches and we can use the odds in order to profit.

1. Keep the faith!

Northern Ireland took the lead v Holland yesterday. Had you kept the faith, you’d have expected the Dutch to win, which indeed they did with 3 very late goals.

2, Assume that shorties = goals

Belgium are unbackable against San Marino…..or are they? 20 minutes in, and it’s 0-0. Using my halftime score strategy, any unquoted ( 3 goals or more) was available at 2.56 ( not a bad return for an unbackable side.)

0-0 after 28 minutes. Score at halftime ? 6-0!  That’s how you back an unbackable team.

3. Red cards change games. What’s the angle in this match below? And why is it a good angle? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address.

If you answered ‘ we have a team who have had a man sent off, scoring first via a penalty’ then well done.

Why is this a good angle? We will automatically get shorter odds about laying the Greeks because they are leading the match with 10 men.

Cue the equaliser….eventually.

These angles are still around this International Break. You may have to be creative and get that grey matter working (Belgium) but you’ll find some profit I’m sure.

No live chat webinars this weekend by the way. Good luck with your plays. I do hope to see you at the DRT Facebook page (as I did last night).