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I have been doing Facebook video live chats recently. I hope you are enjoying them. It is a learning curve.

My last Facebook video chat saw me talking, apparently, to myself for 45 minutes, as I forgot to ‘go live’. A true Homer Simpson moment!

We revert to webinar format this Saturday and Sunday, so join me if you can on Saturday using this link:

The link will also appear at and on Twitter.

Sunday’s link is:

What have we learned from this week? Well, apart from the necessity of pressing the ‘Go Live’ button, it seems this week in the Premier League that the relegation-threatened sides are mounting a fight-back.

Bournemouth spanking Chelsea? Swansea beating Liverpool and Arsenal?

The latter is down to what I term ‘new manager syndrome’. I do mention ‘new managers’ in research. For example, tonight, strong-favourites Marseille take on Metz, who are revived under a new manager.

Look at the difference David Moyes (football genius) has made at West Ham, Woy Hodgson at Palace, and Stefan Ruthenbeck at FC Koln.

The FC Koln vs Dortmund match will be an interesting match tomorrow. And it brings in another factor we must consider: the importance of the transfer window.

Who scored Everton’s two goals against Leicester mid-week? Theo Walcott, their new signing.

Who is a glaring absentee from Dortmund’s forward line tomorrow? Aubameyang, who happens to be Dortmund’s top scorer. He is now an Arsenal player.

Head on over to and where you see ‘Live Centre’, take note of the line ups. New significant signings could improve a team’s performance markedly.

I will be showing you all of this via the live chat webinars. See you then, I hope!