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This week I’m going to take you through how I use the Daily Bulletin at

Firstly, I don’t want you to think of it as a tips sheet to be explicitly followed to the letter. The Daily Bulletin is a statistical look at the matches. It serves as a framework to utilise in-play.

Please remember that there is no way at all that I can correctly call every football match I cover. What I want the Bulletin to show you is what is likely to happen IF form is upheld for both sides.

My first point of call with every match is the conclusions…

So what conclusions were reached in the Nantes v Dijon match?

Expectation is for both teams to score and for Dijon to certainly concede. Note also that Dijon have a very poor goals concession rate in the second half.

With that knowledge to hand, sit back and see what unfolds. We are playing an ‘IF game’.

If Dijon do not concede a goal in the first half of matches, they are highly likely to concede in the second half of matches.

If Dijon score first, they are highly likely to concede. (Oh and do note that Nantes have conceded two goals in recent matches at home and remember that last week Dijon scored two goals against Lyon without winning!) Fear not therefore if Dijon score two goals. They are layable (would you not agree?) IF they score two goals.

Let’s move on to ADO v Twente. The first strong conclusion is not to expect a 0-0. If the match is 0-0 at halftime, then expect second-half goals.

With only two wins since 28 August 2016 for ADO, what would you do IF they score first or indeed lead going into the second half of the match?

As ADO have had no draw in 13 matches, would you agree that IF there is a late draw, it might be worth laying in the hope that ADO continue to avoid the draw.

I’ll do one last match for us to play the ‘IF game’ and it involves our good friends Werder Bremen, who are away to Wolfsburg.

What do the conclusions tell us?

If the match is 0-0 for a while in the first half, lay the 0-0 in the Halftime Score market. Werder matches tend to see goals before halftime.

Wolfsburg are highly likely to avoid a draw, so IF the match is a draw late on, consider laying the draw.

Both teams tend to score, so IF one team only has scored late on in this match, you might want to consider laying that team and hope the both-teams-scoring trend continues.

So with the Daily Bulletin I am not providing tips: I am providing stats that you can use to play the ‘IF game’.

The stats in the Daily Bulletin only come into effect if the ‘if’ scenarios come into play! Does that make sense? I hope so.

See you over the weekend if you want to play the ‘IF game’ with me!