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Title: Hooray for the? return of the elites?!?

Thank? ?Goodness? ?the? ?international? ?break? ?is? ?over.? ???The? ?elite? ?football? ?returns? ?tonight? ?and? ?over? ?the weekend?.

?I’ll? ?be? ?tweeting? ?from? ?18:00? ??this? ?evening @drtclub.

Tomorrow? ?sees? ?the? ?arrival? ?of? ?my? ?dad? ?at? ?the? ?rather? ?unfortunate? ?hour? ?of? ?13:15 UK-time.? ?This? ?presents? ?a Mission? ?Impossible-like? ?scenario.? ?Can? ?he? ?get? ?through? ?immigration,? ?and? ?then? ?can? ?we? ?get? ?back? ?to my? ?house? ?by? ?the? ?start? ?of? ?the? ?German? ?Bundesliga? ?at? ?14:30? ?tomorrow?

Tune? ?in? ?to? ?find? ?out.

Just? ?some? ?housekeeping: my? ?sister? ?is? ?getting? ?married? ?in? ?Sydney,? ?Australia? ?next? ?Saturday?, ?so? ?I will? ?be? ?on? ?Australian? ?time? ?for? ?the? ?next? ?12? ?days? ?from? ?Monday.?

I? ?will? ?be? ?trying? ?to? ?do? ?a? ?live? ?chat? ?on? ?a Saturday? ?and? ?Sunday? ?but? ?it? ?will? ?have? ?to? ?be? ?truncated? ?because? ?of? ?the? ?time? ?difference.? ?I? ?will? ?try and? ?do? ?live? ?chats? ?to? ?cover? ?the? ?German? ?Bundesliga? ?on? ?Saturday? ?from? ?14:30? ?(?23:30? ?in? ?Australia) and? ?this? ?will? ?include? ?the? ?English? ?Premiership.

I? ?will? ?not? ?be? ?able? ?to? ?live? ?chat? ?the? ?Champions? ?League? ?this? ?week??,? ?starting? ?12th? ?and? ?13th September,? ?unless? ?I? ?am? ?an? ?early? ?riser? ?in? ?Oz.? ?19:45? ?UK?-?time? ?is? ?04:45? ?in? ?Oz!? ?You? ?never? ?know.? ?I might? ?be? ?up? ?with? ?the? ?Kasawaris.

Do? ?remember? ?this? ?weekend? ?the? ?potential? ?of? ?the? ?‘Curse? ?of? ?the? ?Champions? ?League’.? ?? ?It? ?is? ?my? ?belief that? ?some? ?managers? ?will? ?be? ?happy? ?to? ?sacrifice? ?points? ?in? ?a? ?domestic league? ?match? ?for? ?the? ?assurance? ?of continued? ?Champions? ?League? ?football.

If? ?you? ?want? ?to? ?check? ?where? ?a? ?team? ?has? ?the? ?‘Curse? ?of? ?the? ?Champions? ?League’? ?then? ?I? ?would recommend? ?? Click? ?on? ?the? ?Champions? ?League? ?team ?playing? ?domestic? ?league? ?football? ?this? ?weekend.

In? ?the? ?filters,? ?select? ?‘All’? ?for? ?the? ?competition? ?and? ?‘All’? ?for? ?the? ?matches. Look? ?for? ?UCL? ?matches.? ?These? ?are? ?Champions? ?League? ?matches.? ?Look? ?at? ?the? ?results? ?for? ?the league? ?match? ?directly? ?before? ?a? ?UCL? ?match.

?Here? ?is? ?a? ?snapshot? ?of? ?Chelsea? ?from? ?2015,? ?which? ?illustrates? ?this? ?well:

What? ?do? ?you? ?notice? ?here?? ?I? ?see? ?a? ?loss? ?to? ?Everton,? ?draw? ?with? ?Newcastle,? ?win? ?versus? ?Aston? ?Villa,? ?loss to? ?Liverpool,? ?1-0? ?win? ?versus? ?Norwich? ?and? ?0-1? ?loss? ?to? ?Bournemouth? ?in? ?league? ?matches? ?directly? ?before Champions? ?League? ?fixtures.

This? ?is? ?not? ?isolated? ?just? ?to? ?Chelsea? ?and? ?is? ?something? ?you? ?need? ?to? ?factor? ?into? ?your? ?decision-making? ?this? ?weekend.

I? ?would? ?pay? ?particular? ?attention? ?to? ?Champions? ?League? ?teams? ?who? ?play? ?away? ?matches? ?in? ?their domestic? ?league? ?this? ?weekend.

PSG? ?and? ?Celtic? ?play? ?away? ?matches? ?tonight? ?and? ?actually? ?meet? ?each? ?other? ?on? ?Tuesday. Liverpool,? ?Chelsea,? ?Tottenham? ?and? ?Man? ?Utd? ?also? ?play? ?away? ?from? ?home? ?on? ?Saturday? ?and? ?have Champions? ?League? ?appointments? ?on? ?the? ?12th? ?and? ?13th? ?September.

Man? ?Utd? ?catches? ?the? ?eye? ?for? ?me.? ?Away? ?to? ?Stoke? ?City? ?prior? ?to? ?a? ?Champions? ?League? ?match? ?and with? ?a? ?manager? ?who? ?I? ?think? ?was? ?the? ?Chelsea? ?manager? ?in? ?2015?

Don’t? ?be? ?surprised? ?if? ?some? ?apparent? ?sure? ?things? ?start? ?to? ?struggle.

A? ?question? ?for? ?you…

As? ?I? ?reported? ?last? ?week,? ?I? ?have? ?found? ?out? ?how? ?to? ?do? ?a? ?Facebook? Live? ?video? ?which? ?allows? ?me? ?to share? ?my? ?screen.? ?I? ?also? ?did? ?a? ?Skype? ?chat? ?with? ?a? ?DRT? ?member? ?who? ?shared? ?his? ?screen. This? ?got? ?me? ?thinking…

Do? ?any? ?of? ?you? ?techies? ?know? ?whether? ?I? ?can? ?do? ?webinars? ?via? ?Skype?? ?The? ?facility? ?was? ?excellent?.? ?A quick? ?Google? ?search? ?says? ?a? ?group? ?chat? ?is? ?possible.??? ?So? ?please? ?get? ?in? ?touch? ?if? ?you? ?know? ?about Skype? ?as? ?a? ?webinar? ?tool.

I? ?will? ?be? ?doing? ?regular? ?webinars? ?via? ?Facebook? ?Live? ?and? ?Skype? ?if? ?the? ?latter? ?is? ?viable? ?on? ?my? ?return from? ?Australia.? ?I? ?thought? ?the? ?Skype? ?chat? ?with? ?the? ?DRT? ?member? ?this? ?week? ?was? ?particularly? ?useful for? ?him? ?and? ?it? ?helped? ?me? ?vocalise? ?what? ?I? ?try? ?and? ?describe? ?by? ?written? ?word? ?only.

See? ?you? ?tonight,? ?Saturday? ?(??I? ?may? ?be? ?late? ?to? ?the? ?party)? ?and? ?Sunday? ?for? ?live? ?chats.? ?Apologies? ?in advance? ?for? ?truncated? ?live? ?chats? ?this? ?coming? ?week? ?or? ?two.? ?I? ?will? ?try? ?at? ?least? ?to? ?cover? ?the Bundesliga? ?and? ?Premiership? ?next? ?Saturday? ?and? ?Italian? ?Seria? ?A? (?at? ?least?) ?on? ?the? ?Sunday.