Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It all comes at the end… Behave yourselves! (Filthy minds!) I am, of course, talking about the profit.

It’s been a good week on the DRT live chat. I would like to share with you the ideal DRT scenario…

If you want the big winnings for low stakes, then I recommend an involvement in football matches from the 85th minute onwards.

This is how I foresaw the huge winner this week.

It’s the 15th August. It’s the Scottish Challenge Cup. Not immediately the kind of competition that screams out ‘Trade me, trade me’!

St Mirren are 1.2 pre-match favourites.

My next step is, because this is the Challenge Cup, to use in-play statistics to form any trading angles, with an obvious bias towards the short-priced favourites St Mirren.

It’s 0-0 at halftime. St. Mirren are utterly dominating those three key in-play stats areas I have mentioned to you in the past. Do you remember them?

  1. Shots on target
  2. Shots off target
  3. Corners

These three elements together signal what I call ‘attacking intent’.

At halftime, if memory serves, St. Mirren had a combined 15 shots and 7 corners. East Kilbride had no shots on target, one shot off target and no corners.

Now you don’t need the intelligence of a Wayne Rooney or a David Beckham to see that St. Mirren were utterly dominant and highly likely to score.

The second half begins.

The match continues past the 60th and 70th minutes at 0-0. I then conclude that St Mirren are playing with Mr Magoo and his twin brother Magoo Too up front.

They continue to utterly dominate East Kibride in all areas.

It’s the 80th minute and still 0-0. What gives?

Then the market suspends. A goal has been scored. Of course, we all know who has scored this goal… Yes! East fecking Kilbride! I nearly spilt my Irn Bru!

What do we know so far? We know St Mirren are favourites – 1.2 favourites. We know this is one-way traffic. Coming to this point in the match, the shots count exceeds 20 and the corners are touching 14 for St Mirren.

I have seen this scenario before. An utterly dominant team concedes a late potential loser. Given the facts to hand, and the in-play stats, I decide on a two-pronged approach. I lay East Kilbride at odds of 1.75. I also back St. Mirren at odds of 12.5.

Yes, 12.5 odds about a 1.2 shot utterly dominating the match.

The countdown to fulltime begins though, and time is not on my side.

Here’s how the match unfolded…

1-1 St Mirren. In my current position, I can create a green screen, but my inner Chris Tarrant is telling me ‘We don’t want to give you that…’


I have engineered my play in such a way that I leave a tolerable loss on the draw, but a whopping great profit should St. Mirren win, as their odds and stats suggest.

Take a bow, St Dame Helen of Mirren!

They only go and blow the East Kilbride bleedin’ doors off!

The final score is 2-1 and I have a wonderful profit.

On two occasions I have used this kind of formula to back football teams at odds of 120/1 and profit. Alas, I backed them on those occasions for only £3!

All of this played out on the live chat on Twitter @drtclub: if you want to find potential trades like this, join me on Twitter over the weekend.