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April’s here, it’s the Monte Carlo Masters where I watch the tennis from my super yacht moored next to H from Steps’ super yacht.

Have you DRT’ers considered tennis before? Now is the perfect time to take a peek. There are 3 Grand Slam events this Summer, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, and along with these Grand Slam events comes ‘warm up’ tournaments. ‘Warm up’ may be a little unfair a description because players will be fully motivated to be entering these Grand Slams in form.

Here’s a couple of examples for you.

1.17 favourite Struff won the first set, lost the 2nd set and struggled in the 3rd set, so much so that his odds drifted to 2.2 . Trade out at 1.55 lay of Struff or 2.7 back of Stebe to return liability.

Price/Volume over time Graph

This is a unique element of Tennis , for me. The Price graphs are eminently readable and tradeable without your need to know anything about tennis.

It’s all about Support and Resistance.

Below is a Price/Volume over time graph for a match. It is the story of one player’s match. The odds go up when said player is struggling. The odds drop when said player is winning.

So , here, we have a 1.4 favourite, starting promisingly . Odds hit 1.3 early. But then, struggles.  The graph suggests that this odds on favourite lost the first set.

Let’s add some support and resistance lines.

I have drawn in 3 lines of support and resistance. Note we do not even have the names of the tennis players. Let the graph be your guide.

The line at 1.3 is a line of support. The odds are bouncing off this 1.3 marker. This suggests that punters think that the odds are far too short far too early in this match. Lay at 1.3

The line at 1.5 is a very busy line which serves as 3 points of support. It is at the 2nd or 3rd points of support that you should have taken the hint and layed the player at 1.5.

The line at 2.00 is a line of resistance. The market won’t allow the odds to rise above this line at 2.00. This is your cue to back the player . How much of a hint do you need? On 4 occasions, the odds hit resistance at 2.00. You back at the 3rd or 4th occasion. Take the Hint. Yes?

You can trade tennis based only on these price/volume over time graphs.

Websites to help you.

This website can help you access the price/volume over time graphs and have them independent of your Betfair trading screen. Although honestly, just open 2 incidences of Betfair or 2 incidences of your trading software . The latter is better as you can get instant refresh of the graph.

It is our go to site for football and is a go to site for tennis trading. The scores breakdowns are what the professional tennis traders use.

If you know DRT, you’ll know tennis.

We can research players ideally. Look at head to heads.

We can use inplay stats ( flashscore ).

We can use support and resistance.

We can , like DRT football, use a handful of strategies, such as underdog winning the first set, favourite odds too short at start of match ( lay), laying/backing over reactions, and much more.

I will try and follow the tennis. No promises this week but I will be following the Grand Slam tennis for you at DRT Facebook.

Get in touch with me if tennis interests you and if you want more information, as well as free resources to tennis info, then email me or comment at DRT Facebook.