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Happy Easter to you all. Please do not eat too much chocolate and make your fingers so fat that they will be unable to work their way around a keyboard and thus curtail your trading ability.

We are getting to the business end of the season  as can be seen with the English Championship today.

What do Augsburg, Frosinone and SPAL have in commong ( amongst other teams)? They have all pulled off a most unexpected win against a big name side in recent weeks. What do these 3 teams have in common? Well, they are all relegation threatened and have bucked the form and the market.

Watch out for this in the English Championship today. We have some mighty tussles today. Teams in search of a precious top 6 berth versus teams looking to simply win in order to give their survival chances a shot in the arm.

I have researched as many matches as possible from the Championship for today. I hope you can find an angle or two in. If I am back by kick off, I’ll loiter around DRT Facebook and relay some stats news etc.

On to Saturday and there may be a logisitical problem with presenting a live chat webinar for you. I have gone to Cambodia for Thai New Year and have a flight at 17:40 to Siem Reap tomorrow. That’s 11:40 UK time. It’s a half hour flight.

A live chat usually kicks off at 14:30 UK which is 20:30 my time. I should be able to arrive for a live chat but am at the behest of airline schedules and road traffic so apologies if there is a no show tomorrow or a late show. If I can get set up by 15:00 I will do the live chat but any later than that I’m afraid I will call it off.

So a heads up to you there.

I hope to see you tomorrow. I would caution some added use of the inplay stats in matches involving relegation threatened sides. Indeed I would ask you to make sure you know the teams that are relegation threatened.