Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Thankfully, post International break, the markets are becoming as readable as Gemma Collins’ autobiography ‘ My life as a Real Essex Girl’ .

Telegram has shown some glimmers of life, and we’ve made some good calls from Norway and Finland.

But the spectre of the missed penalty came to haunt mid week.

Ilves were playing HIFK, an away side yet to keep a clean sheet. In Telegram I decided to lay the draw/0-0 2nd half. Well, we got our goal.

87th minute.

Scored by….HIFK.

Not quite following the script. Given HIFK had not kept a clean sheet this season, I decided to follow up with another Telegram message suggesting a very short odds lay of HIFK, at 1.08 or lower.

And Hey Presto…

Another professional footballer misses a penalty which could have nailed us an excellent return!

The Bar Steward!

It’s Ireland’s turn tonight, and a return over the weekend of the Norwegians, Finns, and Swedes.

On Monday, we have the start of Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament. I will be on hand to follow the early rounds as I traditionally do. Look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Hopefully the tennis markets are as readable as Timmy Mallett’s autobiography ‘ Utterly Brilliant!. My life’s journey’.

We can only hope.