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I was very confident when England took on Croatia in the World Cup semi-final. I did not have my lucky waist-coat, but was wearing my lucky England socks. Not even these lucky socks could stop the Croatians.

It was a step-up for England. Sweden’s centre forward, for instance, plays for a Saudi Arabian team. Yes, Saudi Arabia – that hotbed of football.

Croatia’s forwards play for Juventus and Inter Milan, where defence is an art form, and where they still manage to score goals. They are also supplied the ammunition by a Real Madrid and Barcelona midfield!

So I won’t be tuning in to the third-place play-off tomorrow. It’s like a competition to win a 30-minute snog with Dot Cotton. It’s not what they were after!

With the World Cup coming to an end, this heralds the calm before the storm in the footballing world. The major teams will soon be embarking upon their lucrative pre-season tours. And then it’ll be August before you know it.

Stick these dates in your diary:

  • August 3rd Championship
  • August 5th Community Shield
    August 11th Premier League and French Ligue 1
  • August 18th La Liga
  • August 19th Serie A
  • August 24th Bundesliga

Less than a month away!

I’ll be building up to the new season at the DRT Facebook Page and here in the eletters.

When new seasons are upon us, we need to be aware of newly promoted sides and major transfer news: is ideal for the latter.

So there’s plenty to look forward to. I do hope, in the meantime, that you enjoyed my coverage of Wimbledon. Plenty of profitable angles at Twitter too – @drtclub.

See you soon!