Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It’s farewell to the Europa League this week and welcome back to league football tonight, Saturday and Sunday.

The Europa League is a good time for me to remind you that just because there is a high-profile football competition, with a smattering of world famous teams contending, it does not mean you have to trade!

If you do not have a strong trading angle, do not play. Or at the very least, default to the in-play stats.

There were some headscratchers yesterday. Krasnador v Fenerbahce? How on earth do we gauge an also-ran team from Russia with a team from Turkey? These sides are very rarely going to meet.

So, if you have no angle, leave the match alone.

You’ll note in research yesterday I narrowed my focus to a handful of matches only, and even then I had to take a leap of faith that these teams were actually up for the Europa League. We had examples of Inter Milan, who tried their hardest to look as if they were interested but were very pleased to have ended their Europa League adventure.

These European competitions are also difficult to get a trading angle into, simply because they are being played over two legs.

The first leg result is the equivalent of halftime. We also have the added bonus of away goals gaining importance.

I would recommend you focus on second legs of European competition matches. Why? Well, we will have those all-important trading angles won’t we?

Barcelona lost 4-0 away to Paris St Germain. Without doing any research, can you guess Barcelona’s tactic for the second leg at the Nou Camp? Goals, goals, goals. PSG can even afford to lose 3-0 and if scoring an away goal, will have the two-legged match in the bag, you’d think.

We return to league football this week and I will try and do a live chat on Twitter this evening. Do remember the curse of the Champions League transfers to some new teams this weekend. Monaco, Manchester City and Juventus are three teams that spring to mind.

Did you see the curse in effect last weekend? It was most prevalent in Germany with Dortmund losing and Bayern Munich finding life extremely difficult against Ingolstadt. Their eventual 2-0 win was laboured and saw late goals.

We return to league football this weekend, so join me for a live chat or two, where I’ll be sharing those all-important trading angles with you.