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The Champions League and Europa League are devilishly difficult to research, but it seems to me that the transformation from group stage to the two-legged knock-out phase has stirred the interest of clubs, particularly in the Europa League.

We suddenly see the big names playing to their worth, fielding strong sides, and taking the competition seriously.

Something to note for next year, that’s for sure.

Thankfully we are back to league action this evening and on into the weekend. This evening’s coupon is much more readable.

There is no Premier League football this weekend but other major leagues remain.

I would just like to make mention of competitions such as the Europa League.

I feel obligated to research these matches, but it does not necessarily mean that I want a play in these matches.

A simple rule of thumb for you: if you do not see a shortlist at the DRT Facebook page to accompany any DRT Bulletin, this should suggest to you luke-warm confidence in those matches.

There’ll be the two usual webinars this weekend. I will be using a laptop on this occasion with a mic attached to headphones, so do let me know if there are any sound issues.

The links will be available on Twitter @drtclub, at the DRT Facebook page, and underneath the calendar at (I do not yet have them at time of writing.)

See you at the weekend, and it’s a hearty ‘bye bye’ to the unreadable Europa League… at least until next Thursday!