Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Head on over to DRT Twitter @drtclub, check out some of my screenshots and you’ll find out why I have gone eco-friendly.

You see I’ve been collecting green screens. I have tried to be as green as possible this week during the French Open.

Here’s an example. It’s a simple concept when stripped down to its basics. Find a player who should win the match. They may struggle during the match. Back them at high odds (below I backed Favourite Svitolina at 1.64). Look for the player to come back into the match. Cash out for a profit!

In this example I backed Svitolina at 1.64 and layed out at 1.23. Simple back to lay trading.

I will be working on a manual to put all I have learned about tennis trading into one place. It is something you should add to your DRT armoury and I am here to help.

I have to go out today for a short while, so will miss trading the morning tennis, but will try to be back for the later tennis.

In the meantime, please take a look at the many screenshots on the DRT Twitter page @drtclub. There are green screens and there are profit graphs which tell you the story of the match, the highs and lows in the odds, and the volatility that we can profit from.

Join me over the summer too: Wimbledon, Queens, Eastbourne, Nottingham. Yes, the UK will get busy. I have my Robinsons Barley Water all ready.

See you for more tennis over the weekend!