Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

There were a couple of great examples of why I research, even when the odds suggest the result is a foregone conclusion. Atl Madrid and Dortmund both had European competition this week and were both at around 1.12 odds. That means a £100 stake wins you £12.

Had you read the research at you would have concluded that the form shown by both Atl Madrid and Dortmund was woefully inadequate and not in keeping with such favouritism.

The final results? 1-1 both sides. Dortmund were even layable once they led for you low-liability layers.

This is the value of research. I have been asked before why I research matches when my conclusions tell me that a match is to be avoided. I research matches precisely to find those matches to avoid from a trading perspective, thus enabling me to hone in on those matches which are more ‘readable’. That is the key.

Find readable match. Find matches with strong form lines. Find matches where you can make a very strong argument for laying a 1.12 shot! Liability is low and upside great!

We return to league football this weekend after another week in which I was tempted in by the Europa League. I will never learn. A competition where the marquee clubs send out their under-12 side with the tea ladies as running wing backs and the manager’s great aunt up front. If I do another Europa League live chat, you have my permission to hit me over the head with a wet fish.

I’ll see you for a live chat or two this weekend: remember I will do a shortlist of matches at the DRT Facebook page. That shortlist will take out those matches to avoid and leave you with a list of the more readable matches, with solid confident angles in, and form to back it up.

Bye bye Europa League, hello real football!