Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

There will be occasions , despite our best efforts to pick quality trading candidates, when teams simply won’t play ball.

Let’s take Belenenses v Porto last night. 0-0 at halftime. Porto had scored in their last 16 matches. Simple lay the draw I thought.

60 minutes go by. No goal.
70 minutes go by. No goal.
85 minutes go by. No goal.
Full time? No goal.

We can either a) take the hit or b) reduce potential losses by cashing out for a ‘red screen’ early.

Potential options?

If laying the draw at 2.88, we could set an odds limit beyond which we won’t tolerate. For me, I would wait til the draw odds reached 1.44 ( half of original odds).

Or you could set a time option. If laying at 2.88 at the start of the 2nd half, review on the 67th minute mark, halfway through the second half.  Cash out early, take the hit and move on.

Inplay stats will act as a confirmation tool here. Porto had only 1 shot on target last night, despite 16 shots off target and 10 corners.

So, please remember that you have the option, if you ever feel uncomfortable that things may not materialise as we expect, to get the bleep out of there.

You may have heard on telegram that I bailed out , for example, in the Leverkusen cup match when, despite their best efforts, they could not score. Laying the draw at 4.1, I cashed out at 2.00 for a half stake loss.

If we have a Saturday like last Saturday, this cutting losses won’t be needed!!