Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Welcome to a new month  and a new sport to some.


What’s not to like?

Strawberries so expensive you need to re-mortgage the house in order to buy a pannet.

Robinson’s Barley Water on tap.

A tiger called ‘Tim’ ( reminding me of Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail). ‘ Whoever heard of a tiger called ‘Tim’?.

Oh… and green screens of course.

I would love to hear your feedback regarding my telegram trading this week. Did you enjoy trading the tennis? Could you follow the messages? Did you understand the exit points? Is tennis something you can embrace along with the football ? ( tennis is a natural summer substitute, with its 3 Summer Grand Slams and attendant warm up events. )

Below are a couple of green screens. I was particularly happy with my calls on the 29th June 2022. Barely any went astray, and the players played as expected  – which is always a real boon to the trader and to the betting bank.

Elise Mertens. ( 30th in the world a set down to 100th in the world!)

Now tennis trading is as difficult as you want to make it. Here, strong favourite Elise Mertens loses the first set 6-3. As women’s tennis is more urgent than men’s ( no luxury of being able to be 2-0 down in sets…and still be in the match  – as occurs with the men)

We get stuck in. Elise Mertens wins the 2nd set in a tie breaker. That’s your exit point.

This £30 green screen came via a £40 stake.

Liam Broady and Diego Schwartzman

What I like to note in tennis tournaments are ‘local lads and lasses’. Liam Broady is a Brit at Wimbledon. Diego is the strong favourite. Liam wins the first set . I put that to over exuberance infront of home support. Schwartman is a terrier.

I entered the match by backing Diego Schwartzman at odds of 1.85  -only 5 games in and a decent enough rise in the odds.  It was so early in the match that the market was a little over exuberant themselves in lengthening Diego’s odds.

I exit as he secures the 2nd set , as we expect in a match where 132nd in the world was leading 15th in the world!

Below is the green screen to £40 stake. A modest £15  but it all adds up!

We’ll be inter mingling the tennis and football this weekend. I look forward to reading your feedback on the tennis coverage and ‘serving ( groan!)’ you on Telegram this weekend.