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Hoof-hearted! That’s my favourite name for a race horse, along with Noble Locks (a recently gelded horse) and Only Fools Have Horses.


I have another question for you. Who scored? is a stats-based website that I think you should be aware of – to supplement the stats provided at and (for internationals and Cup matches). *********************insert links******************


Here are some elements of this site, which you’ll find interesting…




This section of the website provides the eye-catching streaks of the day. Today’s for instance?

This is a great snap-shot of teams in form, and out of form, but you must do a little digging. The Irish Premier League is coming to an end, and three of Malaga’s four home wins were 1-0, so they are rather reliant on defending.

Still, this is a great way to zone in on sequences.

The thing I like about the previews at this site is the possible line ups and formations. We don’t get line-ups at the Soccer Stats site.

The statistics go more in depth too (I will still be using Soccer Stats for my research).

Teams are given ratings at . There are also defensive and attacking stats, shots per game, tackles per game, etc.

Maybe you could factor in the ratings into your research conclusions?

It’s another free-to-view website that you should be aware of if you want to just dig that little deeper into the actual attacking and defending stats.

Player stats and ratings are available too. What if a high-ranked player is injured and cannot play? Will that impact performance?

Take a look. I will be experimenting with including some elements of this great stats website in my research and live chats.