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What do today’s teams Lille, Ajax, Benfica and Atletico Madrid have in common?

They all have upcoming Champions League matches.

As I reported last eletter, you’d better just factor in the Champions League if any of these 4 teams start playing Keystone Cops football.

Get to know as this website can help you see whether some of these Champions League contenders under-perform pre-or post- Champions League

Let’s look at Benfica, playing this evening. Here are the most recent pre- and post- Champions League performances.  UCL below signifies a Champions League match.

In this first example above, Benfica play Bayern Munich on 20th October 2021. In their league match prior, they lost, at home. And in the following cup match, it was a draw at full-time. Both of these matches were expected wins for Benfica.

In this second example, it’s the second leg against Bayern Munich. It proved too much of a distraction for a Benfica drawing only with lowly Estoril in another match in which they were strong favourite.

This 3rd example sees Benfica lose, at home, to Sporting Lisbon prior to a Champions League match.

And more recently, with Ajax on the horizon, Benfica let a 0-2 lead slip .


So….what do you think might happen this evening in Benfica’s home match v Vizela?

Would a surprise result surprise you?

Please be wary of Champions League sides like Benfica who consistently under perform in matches prior to Champions League dates.