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The International Break is over and it is back to work with European League action beginning tonight and on into the weekend.

Going forward I will be returning to live chats this Saturday and (I hope) tonight if I am online. I have short-listed the most eye-catching ‘angles’ into today’s football at the DRT Facebook page, so give that a read.

What a sad set of World Cup qualifiers: Ireland out; Northern Ireland out; Wales out; Scotland out. It was a tough set of matches in which to find that aforementioned set of ‘angles’ that I look for in a match.

These angles will be clouded further this weekend as we see post-International football and pre-Champions-League football.

Do remember that there is a distinct pattern with teams before the Champions League games. The likes of Man Utd have dropped all of their league points this season either pre- or post-Champions-League. Coincidence? I think not if you look at Chelsea’s form under Mourinho.

Dortmund have scored 2-2-1 goals in their three most-recent pre-Champions-League matches and lost the lot.

Monaco have lost their last two away matches pre-Champions-League and play Amiens tonight.

You see the muddying of the waters?

I hope to see you over the weekend. The only live chat midweek saw us bag a 19.5-odds winner! I hope for more of same this weekend!