Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Brrr! That’s all I can really say about my Christmas visit to see family. But, like our German friends in the Bundesliga, it’s back to work this weekend with a full schedule of matches and a live chat or two.

I will also be posting my DRT shortlist at the DRT Facebook Page this weekend, and over the coming year there will be additional content for you.

I am working my way through a number of ‘angles’, and once I have crunched the numbers, I will be sharing the profitable elements with you at the DRT Facebook Page.

Here is a flavour for what is to come…

Impossible matches

I use the term ‘impossible matches’ to describe any match where the favourite is at odds of 2.4 or higher decimal odds.

For me, a favourite at odds of 2.4 or higher is a favourite under sufferance. The market in quoting these odds infers that the match is too tight to call.

I have been keeping a list of all of the matches in the elite leagues where there is a favourite at odds of 2.4 or higher. I am recording results and hope to find a consistent pattern that we can exploit.

First-half goals

Regular live chatters know how I love this niche: laying the 0-0 in the Half-time Score market (or in other words expecting at least a goal to be scored in the first half). I have been keeping a record of all matches where I signal first-half goals in the DRT Bulletin. Is there an angle in from a bet and go perspective? I’ll reveal all soon.

Both Teams to Score – Yes

This is another area where I have been recording results from matches at the DRT Bulletin where the stats suggest both teams will score. I get the feeling that a contrarian approach may work here, i.e. when the stats point to both teams scoring, back ‘Both Teams to Score – No’!

This is just a ‘feeling’. I need the evidence to back that up.

So watch out for the results to be revealed soon, once the number-crunching has been done.

In the meantime, welcome to 2018 and welcome to the beginning of the 2018 Live Chats tomorrow and onwards.