Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I don’t remember there being so many international breaks last season. It’s all down the rather exciting (where is my sarcasm emoji?) UEFA Nations League.

There’s little I can do this week or next, bar sit and wait for the elite European leagues to return.

And once they return, the live chat webinars will return. I have had some solid sessions recently since the webinar was re-introduced, so if you can come along, please do. You’ll learn a lot and maybe see a big profit.

A recent live chat webinar had me implore members to back Red Bull Salzburg 0-2 scoreline. Nothing peculiar in that apart from the fact it was nearly the 80th minute of the match.

The match ended 0-2 and one lucky member got on at 36 odds. A joyful ker-ching echoes through the valleys.

Why did I select this rather unique scoreline so late on in the match? It was down to a quick bit of research into previous matches’ scorelines.

Those showed me that on two recent occasions, Red Bull Salzburg had scored two goals after the 90th minute in matches!

Hence my interest as we approached the 90th minute.

If you are trading yourself, please do use the statistics to point you in a certain direction. And please remember: research your 0-0s at halftime, particularly in matches featuring teams which tend to have a reputation for goals (Red Bull Salzburg certainly fit into this category).

It is amazing how quickly you can check the stats for matches which are 0-0 at halftime, and see if the teams involved have a reputation for goals in the second half.

It’s a simple strategy to lay the 0-0 second half, and it profits over a season. This is true reactive trading.

I won’t be live chatting this weekend, so you’ll be on your own. I will be trying to researching English League One and Two, which is likely to be trying! The lower the leagues, the more inconsistent matches become.

I might be on Twitter, but no promises. I do like the opportunity to have a weekend off when it presents itself, as the other weekends are chock-full of elite European leagues.

Have a great week and exercise patience until the big leagues return next weekend.