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Will The Curse of the Champions League rear its ugly head again this weekend?

Here’s what happens…

A perfectly respectable European power house of football suddenly puts in a performance worthy of a Sunday League pub side (minus three players who didn’t get in from the pub until 5am).

The Champions League simply tends to be of such great importance that teams like Man Utd will draw winnable matches, teams like Liverpool will get easily beaten, Bayern Munich will even lose, Atl Madrid and Real Madrid will fail to win, Dortmund will fail to score a goal against ten men.

In the Daily Bulletin this weekend, therefore, I will pinpoint Champions League sides who may be more vulnerable than usual.

I would pay particular attention to those teams playing away from home: Stoke v Chelsea is one match I have my eye on; Leicester v Liverpool is another.

I may not be able to do a live chat this weekend, which is a real pity. I am travelling back home on Sunday early morning. Live chats will be as regular as clock work on my return.

Watch the 0-0s disappear!

I have been very happy with the strike-rate for this strategy. Certain matches where we expected goals but it’s 0-0 at halftime tend to end in the second half. This little strategy itself has had a great early season run, so do watch out for your 0-0s at halftime and then head on over to to check out the teams at halftime.

Have these teams shown a pattern for scoring goals? If so, then lay the 0-0 for the second half, or lay the draw if you want, or even back Over 1.5 Goals or Over 2.5 Goals (depending on the reputation of the team).

I will see you very soon for a live chat. Have a profitable weekend!