Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

As our Buddhist chums say here in Thailand….’let it go!’ but I can’t!!   I was a telegram message away from a successful 1.01 lay this week. This is our Holy Grail. £1 liability returns £100 less commission.

Here’s how this successful 1.01 lay came about.

But first….lay the foundations via research. The team we are focussing on is Derby County. Here’s a look at their recent match results. Note the goal times.

What do you see?4 goals recently have been scored 78th + minute.

3 goals recently have been scored 85th minute +

Let’s fast forward to a recent encounter for Derby at home v Birmingham

Hmm, Wayne Rooney ( football genius) not too happy here with a 0-2 Birmingham lead.

85th minute. It’s 1.01 on Betfair for Birmingham! That’s a little presumptuous isn’t it? After all, Derby have scored 3 goals recently in the 85th minute +!

Let’s fast forward to the final score.

And there you have it! 1.01 lay in the bag. I was unable to get you the 1.01 lay in time, but we did lay Birmingham 1-2 up at odds of 1.08 or lower so some small consolation.

Lessons to learn….

  • If you don’t act, the opportunity is gone
  • What have you got to lose laying at 1.01? The answer? Feck all!
  • Try and uncover past goalscoring patterns . Thankfully I remembered the Reading v Derby match
  • The big profits come at the end of first and second halves.

Only once before in 13 years have I passed on a successful 1.01 lay so to miss this one was gauling!

The one major lesson was the latter lesson. If you want big profits out of football, then focus on the dying embers of the first and second halves.

Here endeth the lesson. See you at the weekend!