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How are you enjoying the Euros? They’re certainly dominating the football coupons at the moment…

France laid down the gauntlet on June 15th with two 90th minute goals to finish off the plucky Albanians… and late goals have been a theme ever since, with the French getting themselves out of a fix with an 89th minute winner against the Romanians.

This is the prevalent trend in this Tournament so far.

Northern Ireland, last night, sealed their win with a 90th+ minute goal.

England beat Wales with almost the last kick of the match, but England having previous experience of what that feels like after Russia equalized against them with a 92nd minute goal of their own.

Germany also sealed their win over Ukraine with a 92nd minute goal to end that match 2 - 0.

Spain were unconvincing with an 87th minute winner v Czech Republic.

Graziano Pelle put a gloss on Italy’s scoreline opposite Belgium with a 92nd minute goal.

And Hungary scored an 87th minute goal against Austria.

What does all of this mean?

If this trend continues, we have a number of options to consider.
  • If the match is a draw late on, Lay the late draw. A draw of course includes a 0 - 0.
  • If a team is leading late on, consider Laying the scoreline. You’ll have noted the likes of Germany, Hungary and Northern Ireland put a gloss on a 1 - 0 lead with a late goal. Laying the 1 - 0 would cover either side scoring a late goal.
This is certainly the key trend so far in these Euros. These are predominantly matches that are tough to research, as you can appreciate.

We need to include context - i.e. England dare not lose v Wales yesterday.

Tonight? If Spain win, they go through to the next round. So if Turkey keep the match to 0 - 0 late on, what are you going to do?

Away from the Euros, the Grass Court Tennis season is in full swing. In the Daily Bulletin I have begun presenting a select group of matches with my ‘trading angles’ into the matches.

Yesterday for instance, I suggested Laying Sergey Stachovsky if he won the first set.

I duly Layed him. He was 5 - 4 up in the second set and serving for the match. YIKES!

On Twitter (@drtclub), I suggested Laying Sergey again. I Layed him at 1.1. He could have been Layed at odds of 1.05.

Lo and behold! A back spasm comes to our rescue. His service match looked like mine all of a sudden and Sergey lost the second set when, if I remember, he was 5 - 4 and 40 - 15 up on Goffin’s serve.

I hope you have been able to follow my thought processes regarding the Tennis.

My ‘trading angles’ into matches could come in many forms…
  • The rankings between the players could be tight enough to lay the favourite if the favourite wins the first set. 

  • A particular player may have a recent habit for tiebreakers. Expect a tiebreaker (a 6 - 6 set where the set is then determined by who wins the key points).

  • A Brit playing at home. Cue my favouring of Heather Watson and Johanna Konta recently. 

  • Laying Andy Murray at 1.05. This is a ‘just in case he implodes’ Lay bet and is at such short odds that it costs next to nothing in liability. Remember these are warm up matches and Andy, for instance, is playing fellow Brit Kyle Edmund who may raise his game.
I will be writing a full tennis guide for you, dear DRTer along with accompanying videos.

Tennis trading, when approached and researched in the right manner, can produce the odd 10/1 winner like yesterday’s 1.1 Lay!

Enjoy the rest of the Euros and congrats to you Northern Ireland fans. My old school friend is from Northern Ireland and it was a trick to track him down yesterday but track him down I did.

Pity I backed Ireland at 180 to win, and not Northern Ireland. D’oh!