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Ker-ching! What a match. I hope you layed Barcelona in the 'to qualify' market at 1.06. I hope one or two of you topped up. 1.07 to lay Barcelona in the 'to qualify' market at halftime. Now that was value as well, as Liverpool were a third of the way there! No angles quite as exciting today. Ajax have been a surprise this Champions League. They come from a weak league but have been superb. Son returns to Tottenham, and he has scored 5 in 5 in Champions League qualifiers.


20:00 - Ajax v Tottenham - 2.2 Ajax

  • Harry 'you're only supposed to blow the bleeding doors off' Kane is absent. Son was sent off at the weekend, so he is, ahem, rested!
  • Is Son's red card punishment for the English Premier League only? I would presume so.
  • It was a very tight first leg. 12 shots to 10, 1 shot on target to 2; 3 corners to 3. The Ajax goal was a 15th minute goal and of course they did not concede an away goal which bucked their usual Champions League pattern for scoring and conceding.
  • Judging by reports in the Champions League website Son is playing and that is crucial for the Spuds, given he has 5 goals in his last 5 matches in the knockout stage of this competition.
  • Tottenham ideally need to score 2 goals today in order to add an element of insurance should Ajax score.
  • I am not sure a look at the form will help us much in a match all about context. 0-1 bare minimum for Tottenham, 0-2 ideal.
  • 0-0 bare minimum for Ajax, 2-0 ideal.
  • It was a full assault Tottenham away at Man City with 3 goals and that is today's do-or-die attitude.
  • 2-2 away at PSV earlier in the campaign will not do today given Ajax have a head start.
  • Ajax 3-3 v Bayern, 1-2 v Real Madrid, 1-1 v Juventus recently at home. a replication of those will do, bar the 1-2 loss to Real Madrid.
  • I think you know my attitude to the Champions League by now. Great to watch, devilishly difficult to trade unless you are purely reactive to what you see during the match (as I was in the Huddersfield v Man Utd match at the weekend - seeing Huddersfield pepper United's 18 yard box with corners, and crosses). A similar feel today. Ajax continue to confound.
  • Son looks a likely scorer if Spurs are to score.


16:30 - HIFK v Mariehamn - 2.38 Mariehamn

  • 1-1 and 1-0 in the last 2 home head to heads for HIFK. Mariehamn did win the last head to head 3-0.
  • 3 1-0 defeats for HIFK this season and looking at head to heads, are we heading for another under 2.5 goals match?
  • HIFK did score 2 goals in a 2-0 home win latest but that was the first time in 5 matches in which they scored that 2nd goal.
  • In stark contrast to HIFK's 100% under 2.5 goals, Mariehamn have seen all bar 1 over 2.5 goals, and they have scored 1-3-2-4-3 goals.
  • 2-1 loss to HJK, 1-3 win v Honka and 0-4 win v KPV away for Mariehamn.
  • Far too early in the season but I think it is worth dipping a toe into this summer league just to get a feel for the teams.
  • Hugely contrasting goals tallies = a lack of congruity. I think HIFK might be layable if leading as that 2nd goal seems a rarity and Mariehamn are doing well in front of goal.