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Good luck to the Hammers this evening in a competition that they have been hugely impressive in. Speaking of impressive, KuPS return in Finland. I will do a review/preview video at DRT Facebook.

UEFA Europa Conference League

20:00 - Fiorentina v West Ham - 2.50 West Ham

  • Conference League Final. I haven't got a clue how to unpack this and do warn you against trading 'derby style' matches as we do not have that 'readability' factor. The Racing Post points to West Ham winning 13/14 Conference league matches.

Finnish Veikkausliiga

16:00 - Honka v Mariehamn - 1.53 Honka

  • On challenge table form the home side. Honka are sixth in the league. They have failed to score in all of the home matches they've played against the top nine. They are playing 11th today and they did beat 10th three nil. No head to head yet this season. The away side 11th in the league 11th of 12 so not having a very good season only the one win came at home. They have scored and conceded in all of their away matches three defeats and a 1-1 draw. If that pattern continues of course, and if the away side score first, then we might have an insurance play on our hands. Let's look at the recent form coming into this match and it's pretty poor. Four defeats in five for home side Honka. Three consecutive defeats without scoring for the home side. Honka. But do remember, let's put that into context. They have really struggled and they have been playing the top nine. They're playing 11th today, so we might get a reversal of that recent poor home form for the home side. Both teams do score in the away side's away matches, so just watch out for that as well.

16:00  - Inter Turku v KTP Kotka - 1.53 Inter Turku

  • Inter Turku are eighth and they play seventh today in their three home matches. They have beaten sixth, beaten ninth and drawn with 11th two clean sheets in those wins. Their defeats have come away from home against the current top five. The away side only one away win that was one nil Two of their wins this season have been one nil only that opens the door up to a possible lay of if they score first. Where's that second goal going to come from? On recent form, both sides are on a run of two consecutive wins to nil have won their last two matches. One nil inter Turku have won the last two home matches. Three nil and two nil. The home side have scored in every single match this season. So that's something for us to note, particularly if the away side lead. I would be looking to lay the away side if they score first.

16:00 - Kuopio PS v Oulu - 1.73 KuPS

  • Kups look very reliable at the moment where others are faltering. They just continue winning. They are top of the league playing fourth today who they beat Nil two earlier on this season. They have played two of the top five at home and have beaten both. They have lost to sixth and eighth, but those came earlier on in the season. I look to their clean sheet wins in all bar one of their wins. They've kept a clean sheet so they're going to be very tough to score against. And if the away side do score, they're going to be very tough to score two goals against. I would suggest the away side. Well, they're unbeaten away from home so they could put in a good run. They haven't played the top two away from home yet. They did lose emphatically to them with home advantage. And that might suggest if they can't beat them at home, they're going to have trouble beating them away from home. They have scored and conceded in four out of five away matches without losing. So this could be a good competitive affair. But with seven wins in the last eight matches, this side are going to be very tough to beat, very tough to score two goals against today.

16:00 Haka v Ilves - 2.4 Haka

  • Two wins, plays, three wins. Hacker are unbeaten at home, scoring two goals on three occasions, conceding two goals on three occasions without losing. So bear that in mind if the away side score first. The away side having a poor run away from home draw loss loss win. They have failed to score in two of the last three away matches but did come out of it with a nil two win away at veeps. Looking at the challenge table form Hacker unbeaten at home scoring and conceding in every single match. That's a possible angle and the two-goal angle as well. If they can see two goals well they've yet to lose a home match conceding two goals. Let's have a look at the away side. They are fifth in the league and we've got a big gap in form here. They've not played third to 10th away from home yet. That's going to muddy the waters, isn't it? And there are only two defeats away from home have come against the early season top two. So as far as the away side is concerned, we've got very little to work off. But from a home side's perspective, if the away side are leading by two goals based on the seasonal patterns we could take on the away side.

16:00 - Lahti v HJK Helsinki - 1.55 HJK

  • Only one win for the home side came away from home, but they've only had two home matches, which is very little for us to work off. One was a nil-nil against newly promoted and the other was a 1-2 defeat. They have conceded two goals in four of the last five matches. The problem is hjk Helsinki are sinking - four draws in the last five matches; three consecutive away draws failing to win in the last four away matches. They're on a run of two consecutive nil Nils that could be something to target today. Any late. Nil nil you might want to take on. We did lose money laying the late nil nil here or laying the second half draw here but didn't get involved in the match because of the just the feeling that are not really reliable as they used to be. Looking at the challenge table form last year 10th they've only played two of the top seven or in fact they've only played two home matches. That's the problem. We have here. They've not played the top three yet at home. They've failed to score against the top two away from home. So again, we've got that early season gap in form away from home, only the one loss all season. But they're drawing far too many matches. They're playing tennis today. They've got a nil-nil away at 11th and a nil-one win away at 12th. They could struggle for more goals. Certainly today would be looking at laying any late. Nil nil these nil-nil sequences seem to end. I wouldn't be laying the draw at the beginning of the second half because Hjk Helsinki have let us down two consecutive matches. They are far better at home than they are away. The draw is the killer for Hjk Helsinki. I would be looking at laying any very late 0-0 (post 85th minute). These 0-0 sequences cannot go on forever.