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I am sorry but I cannot provide any angles into these matches at all. Could you foretell yesterday's results? I am happier trading league football, as you will see with the Saturday and Sunday live chats.


20:00 - PSG v Man Utd - 1.47 PSG

  • 0-2 PSG in the first leg sees Man Utd having to match this at the bare minimum.
  • Sanchez, Mata, Ander Herrera, Lingard, Jones, Matic, Valencia are all out for Man Utd.
  • Man Utd you'd think will be looking to score 3 goals today.
  • As you saw with yesterday's Champions League, it is too tough to make a call. For me, an important element of trading is not to trade in high profile matches if you don't have an angle. I don't have an angle here.
  • Look at the bias towards the home side too. But then look at the Man Utd fight back at the weekend v Southampton.

20:00 - Porto v Roma - 1.9 Porto

  • 2-1 Roma from the first leg of this match saw a Porto away goal. If Porto win 1-0 today (as Tottenham did yesterday) then they will progress. Roma will have to score an away goal to compensate.
  • That Porto away goal makes this match compelling. Back in 2016, Porto did win 0-3 away.
  • 5 wins for Porto in a row ended v Roma.
  • Roma have really not been tested this Champions League. Plzen, CSKA wins are not necessarily eye-catching. Roma lost to Real Madrid, and Plzen.
  • 6 losses in 7 matches away for Roma.
  • I cannot give you any angles I'm afraid. Trade via in-play stats if at all.