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The Spanish Copa Del Rey dominates today and there is hardly a recognisable team on that coupon, what with the major La Liga sides being affected by the International Break. Tomorrow we see some International Friendlies, the beginnings of the UEFA Nations League and the UEFA U21 Championship. The latter tends to be a reliable trading vehicle. We will need team news regarding this UEFA Nations League.


19:30 - San Marino U21 v Czech Republic U21 - 1.06 Czech Republic U21

  • I hope I have shown you in live chats-past that these obvious matches, with a 1.06 favourite, can actually yield some value.
  • Here is how I would work this match.
  • If 0-0 after 40 minutes, I would back Czech Republic u21 in the halftime market.
  • 3-1 Czechs in the most recent head to head.
  • If 0-0 at halftime, I would back 0-3, 1-3 and any other away score.
  • That goal scored by San Marino U21 was the first in 11 matches. I would normally look to a win to nil, 0-3, 0-5, 0-8 (the Czechs have beaten San Marino 5-0 and 8-0 in the past).
  • If, somehow, this match is 0-0 80th minute, I would still back 0-3 Czech Republic U21.
  • So, please do not dismiss these shorties. They can be very lucrative.

19:45 - Slovakia v Denmark - 1.09 Slovakia

  • The odds are an absolute mystery to me here in this friendly.
  • The Danes are unbeaten in 7 matches. I can only think that the Danish Superliga is still up and running?
  • Nope, the next Superliga matches are on the 14th September.
  • Here is the news from 'Denmark.
  • In an unexpected turn of events ahead of the UEFA Nations League matches, Denmark is facing rather uncertain times in term of the country’s national team. Danes are coming off from a busy summer which saw them take part in this year’s edition of the World Cup. Denmark was eliminated on penalties in the Round of Last 16 at the hands of Croatia and was supposed to start fresh with the new cycle.
  • Heading into the UEFA Nations League, however, international careers of a number of first-team stars are in doubt after the Danish Football Association (DBU) rejected the players’ proposal to temporarily extend a deal on commercial rights. As a result, the players refused to sign a new deal on Sunday evening, thus missing the deadline imposed by the FA and finding themselves in a predicament. The Players’ Union and the DBU have been locked in negotiations for months now as DBU attempted to find a new commercial arrangement to raise more funds for community projects but the players refused to pen the deal due to personal sponsorship deals. In return, DBU turned to lower domestic leagues and futsal players for upcoming matches against Slovakia and Wales.
  • Team News: Denmark manager Age Hareide is likely to go for the Danish Superligen players, while the most recent information coming from Denmark confirms that it is the Danish futsal team that will play the next two fixtures of the football.
  • That is the reason why Slovakia are 1.09 shots today. For me they are a lay anyway at 1.1 just in case this Danish Hotch-potch side click.
  • Ordinarily with 1.09 shots, we'd expect 3/4 goals of them and a potential win to nil, as well as at least a goal before halftime.

And that is it, football-wise.
With yesterday's tennis, I fear Sloane Stephens' nerves got the better of her as she succumbed to a 2 set defeat.
Del Boy was layable at the off and Big John Isner won the first set - that was the cue to trade out.
Serena Williams won in 2 sets so laying the first set winner did not profit.
With Thiem winning the first set 6-0 v Nadal, the lay of 1.32 Nadal should have yielded a cash out.
The results yesterday are a reminder to you of why I prefer the trade Grand Slam tennis in the early rounds. The early rounds see mis-matches, see seeded v un-seeded players, these quarter finals do now.
On that basis, I will leave today's matches alone. If you want to do any basic research, is ideal.