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More International friendlies and I am not going to research these. As I said yesterday, we expect the Euro 2020 competitors to play competitively. Nothing like a run of wins in the run up to a major competition. I will continue to follow the tennis at Roland Garros although my personal preference is to focus only on the early rounds. I have been asked to pass on tennis trades at Telegram which I am not too keen on, as these require additional info. So I will do so today but reluctantly. I will be posting detailed trades at DRT Facebook so do head over there if you want greater details on the tennis trades. I will do a review/preview video at DRT Facebook.


17:00 - Belarus v Azerbaijan - 2.06 Belarus

17:00 - Bosnia v Montenegro - 1.96 Bosnia

18:00 - Norway v Luxembourg - 1.49 Norway

19:45 - Netherlands v Scotland - 1.49 Netherlands

19:45 - Romania v Georgia - 1.75 Romania

20:00 - Germany v Denmark - 2.18 Germany

20:00 - England v Austria - 1.5 England

20:05 - France v Wales - 1.28 France


16:00 - Ranheim v Start - 2.24 Ranheim

  • Only 3 matches into the season. Win, Loss, Draw for Ranheim. Win, Loss, Win for Start.
  • Start have scored 2 goals at least in all matches.