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17:30 - Stoke v Tottenham - 1.54 Tottenham

  • We have that gap in the leagues that I look for but team news will be important for Tottenham. I suspect the Deadly Duo Kane and Son may be rested.
  • In-play stats for me given the competition.

20:00 - Everton v Man Utd - 2.18 Man Utd

  • A chance to shuffle the pack for both sides makes me reluctant to research and stick to the more readable league matches around Europe. In-play stats and team news important here.


17:30 - Verona v Inter - 1.63 Inter Milan

  • 9th v 2nd and the Milan's are 1st and 2nd.
  • Verona have scored and conceded last 4 matches with just the one win.
  • Only 1 win in 5 at home and 2 losses in 3 at home for Verona suggests more woe today.
  • Verona are yet to meet the top 3 at home but have 2 score draws away which is interesting, as well as a 3-0 home win v 4th.
  • 4 of 6 goals scored at home came 2nd half for Verona.
  • Inter Milan have been excellent with 6 consecutive wins, and 3 wins and a draw last 4 away.
  • 5-1-2-1-3-3 goals scored away by Inter is a solid foundation.
  • A couple of 1-1 draws for Inter v 7th and 8th away may be their worst case scenario today.
  • There is an obvious Inter weakness v the top 8 where they have scored a single goal only in 4/5 matches. Will this struggle extend to 9th?
  • Angles? Watch out today if Inter's inability to score that 2nd goal extends to 9th in the league. With Verona scoring and conceding and holding the top 3 to score draws AWAY, the odds for Inter look a tad short. We will see if Inter's recent goal scoring away is the key to their success today.


Sampdoria v Sassuolo - 2.66 Sassuolo

  • A mystery this market. Sassuolo have only lost to the top 2 at home and play 10th today. They have 3/3 clean sheets away v the top 9.
  • Sampdoria have scored in all home matches and beaten 8th 3-0, 7th away and 9th away. They play 6th today.
  • Samp have won their last 2 matches. Sassuolo have only 1 win in 5 matches.
  • Angles? I don't like 2.66 the favourite matches. The form is usually messy but the standout for me is Sassuolo are unbeaten outside of the top 2! Why has the market not made them favourite on that basis? We have to respect 2.66 quote as suggesting both sides have as equal a chance.

Bologna v Atalanta - 1.61 Atalanta

  • 14th v 7th here and we see an Atalanta free of the shackles of midweek European Club competition and bouncing back to something like last season's form.
  • Bologna are sporadic home winners, winning 3 matches but overall are on a run of 2 losses and 2 draws, both teams scoring so this suggests that if they score first, they may not win the match.
  • With only 1 clean sheet, Bologna will give this Atalanta revival some momentum.
  • No 0-0 at halftime at home for Bologna.
  • Bologna have lost all matches so far v the top 8.
  • Atalanta are best judged on post European Club competition form. 3-0 home win v Fiorentina, 1-1 away v Juventus and 4-1 home win v Roma. These are eyecatching returns to form and Bologna had better watch out.
  • Angles? Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market. I can only really judge Atalanta on their last 3 matches and it suggests that they have this forward line back up and running. Even if Bologna score first, they should not win.

Spezia v Genoa - 2.3 Spezia

  • Just as top 3 clashes tend to be tight, bottom 4 clashes tend to be untrustworthy. This is 17th v 19th here.
  • Spezia have only 2 wins, coming away. Genoa only won their opening match of the season.
  • Spezia have 2 wins, 4 2-2's and a loss v 11th and lower this season so could relish a meeting with 19th.
  • Genoa's only win came at home v bottom of the league.
  • Angles? A suspicion, if Spezia continue their seasonal form v 11th and lower, that they may have 2+ goals in them, enough to ensure they do not lose today (loads of Desmond 2-2's).

Udinese v Benevento - 1.94 Udinese

  • Udinese are best judged on their last 6 matches, 3 wins and 2 draws last 5 matches.
  • 2 wins and a 0-0 v newly promoted Crotone at home latest. A draw I think will be worst case for them against another newly promoted side in Benevento.
  • Benevento have tightened things at the back and are best judged on their latest form. 0-1 away win, 1-1 v Juventus, 0-0 away at Parma, 1-0 loss away v Sassuolo, 1-1 v Lazio, and 2-0 win v Genoa. Not conceding that 2nd goal.
  • Angles - as ever there is that unknown factor for newly promoted sides like Benevento and both sides are in excellent recent form which muddies the form lines. I would still tentatively side with Udinese not to lose but must respect this recent Benevento form.

Roma v Cagliari - 1.34 Roma

  • A resounding thrashing by Atalanta last match, and Roma will be seeking immediate redress here.
  • Only 3 defeats for Roma came away from home.
  • Only 2 draws amongst 4 wins at home.
  • 100% wins for Roma v 11th and lower, and they play 13th today is a reason behind the resounding market confidence.
  • 2+ goals scored in all bar 1 home match too is a good foundation.
  • Roma have scored a standout 7 goals at home in the 31st-45th minutes.
  • Cagliari are on a 4 draw in 5 match sequence. 2 consecutive away draws, they have had only 1 away win v a poor Torino, and even then conceding 2 goals in that win.
  • Cagliari have conceded 2+ goals in 4/5 matches v the top 9 and play 4th today.
  • Angles? Obviously if Roma continue scoring 2+ goals and beating 11th and lower at home, then in playing 13th today they will expect another victory.

Napoli v Torino - 1.39 Napoli

  • No draw this season for Napoli who have won 8 matches. They are on a 2 match losing streak, away from home v big guns Inter Milan and Lazio and will be looking to end that sequence today. 2 consecutive home wins saw them score 6 goals in total.
  • Only 1 0-0 at halftime at home for Napoli.
  • Napoli are 5th and play 18th today. They have a 100% win record v 10th and lower. 5/7 goals conceded by Napoli at home came 2nd half.
  • They score 2/3rd of their goals 2nd half at home.
  • Torino have only one win all season.
  • Only one clean sheet.
  • Torino have scored and conceded in 11 matches this season and won only 1 so if scoring first today, they are highly likely NOT to hold on for a win.
  • Only 1 0-0 at halftime away for Torino.
  • Angles? v the top 13, Torino have scored 2-1-1-3-2-3-2-2-2 goals v the top 13 WITHOUT WINNING so let that be an angle if Torino take a 0-2 lead here. Napoli will eye this match as a return to winning ways, given their 100% win record v 11th and lower.
  • Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market.

AC Milan v Lazio - 2.34 AC Milan

  • 1st v 8th.
  • AC Milan are unbeaten. All 4 draws have seen both teams score 2+ goals.
  • 2 2-2 draws in 3 matches for AC Milan. AC Milan have scored and conceded in 9/10 matches.
  • Draw, Draw, Win, Draw at home for AC Milan recently. AC MIlan have scored in all matches.
  • AC Milan have scored 2+ goals in each of their last 13 matches.
  • Only 1 0-0 at halftime at home for AC Milan.
  • Lazio are another side who hiccupped during their European Club competition matches. Both teams have scored in 7/9 matches for Lazio, Win, Win, Win, Draw away is not too shabby.
  • Lazio failed to score in only one match.
  • Lazio are yet to play the top 9 away from home. All wins bar 1 for Lazio came v 13th and lower.
  • Angles? If Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns for AC Milan this will boost their goal scoring considerably. An unknown with Lazio not playing the top 9 away so nothing to gauge them by. If AC Milan keep scoring 2 goals then obviously they are going to be unbeaten more so than losing.
  • Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market.


16:30 - Getafe v Celta Vigo - 2.86 Getafe

  • Another very unappealing market. 2.86 the favourite. Only 2 wins in 10 matches for Getafe. They won their last match v Cadiz, a newly promoted side and it was a good , clean, trouble free win.
  • Loss, Loss, Draw, Loss at home for Getafe. 1-0-1-1-0 goals scored at home for Getafe.
  • 11th v 8th here. 1-1-0-0-1 goals scored at home for Getafe v the top 10. IF they cannot score that 2nd goal at home, v the top 10, lay them if they score first.
  • 4 consecutive wins for Celta Vigo and, for me, the market has been right with quoting them odds on favourites in the last 2 wins. So, do we infer that the market is right here in that this is a muddling match? Celta's only away win came last match.
  • Only 1 loss for Celta Vigo v 9th and lower may give them a chance here.
  • Angles? 2.86 the favourite puts me off. But if Getafe cannot score 2 goals v the top 10, lay them if they score first.

18:45 - Real Madrid v Granada - 1.36 Real Madrid

  • Real Madrid are better evaluated based on a recent excellent winning run of 5, one in the Champions League and 4 consecutive La Liga wins.
  • 2 consecutive 3-1 wins , the latter helped by a Red Card.
  • 2 consecutive home wins for Real Madrid. I will only look at those 4 matches.
  • Granada won their last 2 matches to nil v Elche and Betis.
  • Angles? Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market. With Granada losing away v the top 8 teams they have played, and with Real Madrid 2nd, I expect this Real Madrid turn around to continue today. They have impressed and with Sergio Ramos back in defence after a small absence, this increases confidence.

21:00 - Alaves v Eibar - 2.88 Alaves

  • 17th v 14th and yet another 2.88 the favourite match suggesting the market hasn't got a clue.
  • Both sides have only 3 wins. Both sides have only 1 win in 7 matches.
  • No defeat in 5 away for Eibar. No defeat in 3 at home for Alaves.
  • Alaves have only 1 win, a 1-0. at home. Eibar are unbeaten away v 7th and lower with 3 wins and a draw.
  • Angles? Another match with sides with similar form. I like Eibar's 3 wins and a draw away v 7th and lower and they play 17th today. Do please remember, 2.88 the favourite usually suggests it's too tough to call.

21:00 - Betis v Cadiz - 1.99 Betis

  • Only 2 wins in 9 matches for Betis. Betis have conceded in their last 5 home matches.
  • Only 1 0-0 at halftime at home for Betis.
  • All Betis wins this season came v 13th and lower. Cadiz are 8th.
  • 75% of goals scored and 70% of goals conceded by Betis at home have come first half and second half respectively.
  • Newly promoted Cadiz join the group of teams I tend to be wary of. They meet Betis for the first time. Some newly promoted sides have surprised. Only 1 win in 6 for Cadiz came v...Barcelona of all teams.
  • 2 4-0 losses and a 1-1 recently away adds to the unreadability of Cadiz.
  • Betis are 12th. Cadiz away have beaten 10th, 14th, 19th and drawn wit 16th so have some hope here.
  • Angles? I will watch this via the in-play stats. I cannot discount newly promoted Cadiz here given their record away v 10th and lower.


15:30 - AZ Alkmaar v Vitesse Arnhem - 1.88 AZ

  • Thankfully very reliable last match, AZ when going 0-2 down to Willem II, making it 2-2 by halftime and going on to win easily 2nd half.
  • Only 1 loss for AZ this season in the midst of 6 wins. AZ have scored in every match.
  • 3 wins in 4 matches at home for AZ.
  • No 0-0 at halftime for AZ Alkmaar.
  • AZ have not played the top 4 yet. They play 3rd today.
  • AZ's only win came at home v 5th
  • Only 2 defeats for Vitesse came away, one came last away match.
  • Draw and loss away last 2 away matches for Vitesse.
  • Vitesse have scored in their last 13 matches.
  • No 0-0 at halftime away for Vitesse.
  • Vitesse have lost away to 1st, draw v 5th and lost v 11th.
  • Angles? AZ have not played the top 4 yet so an element of the unknown here. Vitesse though had better improve on the 2 losses and draw v the top 11 away.
  • Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market.

17:45 - Willem II v Ajax - 1.2 Ajax

  • Willem II nearly nailed us a 33/1 winner away at AZ Alkmaar after going 0-2 up care of a penalty and own goal. I put forward a lay of Willem II halftime market at 1.03 and hey presto, 2-2 at fulltime. So let's hope Willem II continue this festive generosity today.
  • Only 2 wins plays only 2 defeats. No draw for Ajax so all other matches were wins.
  • 5-3-5-5-1-4-4 goals scored recently by Ajax.
  • 2-1-3 goals scored recently by Willem II and they lost all 3 matches!
  • 100% wins for Ajax v 8th and lower  and they play 16th today.
  • Angles? If 0-0 at halftime, back 0-1, 0-2, any unquoted halftime market - it came in last match with a 0-4 by halftime after a 0-0 after 20 minutes. Lay Willem II even if they lead 2 goals or more. 6 goals scored last 3 matches without winning.

19:00 - FC Groningen v Heracles - 2.02 Groningen

  • Only 3 losses for Groningen this season. A draw and 4 consecutive wins sees them on a solid recent run. They failed to score in only 2 matches this season.
  • Groningen only lost their first home match and are unbeaten at home since.
  • 5th v 12th today, Groningen are unbeaten home and away v 8th and lower and have 3 clean sheets in 4 at home v 10th and lower.
  • 6/8 goals scored at home by Groningen came 2nd half.
  • Only 3 wins for Heracles who did win their last match away.
  • They have kept only 2 clean sheets.
  • Heracles have failed to score away v the top 5, and play 5th today.
  • Angles? I like Groningen's recent form and it should keep them unbeaten. Heracles have trouble even scoring away v the top 4.

19:00 - ADO Den Haag v PEC Zwolle - 1.82 PEC

  • Only 1 win plays only 2 wins. This may not be a match to dwell on pre match at least.
  • 17th v 11th. PEC Zwolle have all draws v 13th and lower. 3 score draws away and a pair of 0-0's at home v 16th and 18th.
  • ADO have not played 9th and lower at home so there is a whopping gap in form.
  • I will leave this to the in-play stats.

20:00 - Feyenoord v Heerenveen - 1.65 Feyenoord

  • Feyenoord lost their unbeaten run with a 1-0 loss v Vitesse. The market did suspect a tough match in prospect and so it proved.
  • That loss came away so Feyenoord are unbeaten at home. They have failed to score in 2 of their last 3 matches, the only times all season.
  • 4th v 8th here, Feyenoord have drawn at home 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th. A worry as they play 8th today?
  • This is a Heerenveen only losing to 1st in the league away. They have scored and conceded all away matches.
  • 9/12 goals scored by Heerenveen away came 2nd half.
  • 4 score draws and a loss last 5 matches for Heerenveen suggests score draw may be best case here?
  • Angles? The market got it right last match with Feyenoord but have them strong favourites today. Take the hint? Or note those score draws v 6th-12th, added to Heerenveen's unbeaten away form bar Ajax and will Feyenoord struggle today more than the market suggests? Will they return to their unbeaten run?



St Johnstone v Rangers - 1.33 Rangers

  • 10 consecutive wins, 5 away for Rangers. They normally keep clean sheets but have conceded, while winning, in their last 2 matches.
  • St Johnstone have scored and conceded last 5 matches, 3 score draws and 2 defeats.
  • 9th v 1st here, St Johnstone have lost at home to 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 0-2, 0-1, 0-1. They lost 3-0 to Rangers the last head to head.
  • Lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market based on Rangers and expect another Rangers win, even if conceding as is a very recent pattern.

Celtic v Ross Co - 1.19 Celtic

  • Celtic's only loss came v Rangers at home. They beat Ross County 0-5 last head to head.
  • Celtic have scored 2+ goals in all bar 1 match at home v 4th and lower.
  • 100% defeats without scoring for Ross v the top 3, conceding 2 goals minimum. Simple angles here. Celtic on form to score 2+ goals in a win.

Hamilton v Livingston - 1.71 Livingston

  • 11th v 7th 1-2 win v Livingston for Hamilton this season already.
  • 3 of Hamilton's 4 defeats this season came away from home.
  • They have only 1 win, at home, 1-0 v Kilmarnock.
  • Livingston away have a 1-2 win v 9th, 2-2 v 10th and 1-1 v 12th.
  • On seasonal form, the market looks right here. Livingston are unbeaten away v 9th and lower, scoring 2 goals on 2 occasions. Lay Hamilton if Hamilton score first.

Hibernian v St Mirren - 1.83 Hibernian

  • 4th v 6th. Hibs have only the 1 loss v 3rd which was a 0-1.
  • 0-3 win v St Mirren earlier this season.
  • Only 3 defeats all season for Hibs.
  • Draw, Win, Draw, Draw, Draw at home for Hibs sees all draws score draws.
  • 2-2-3-4-1 goals recently for Hibs so they have goal potential.
  • St Mirren are in excellent recent form, Draw, Win, Draw, Win Win.
  • No win v the top 5 for St Mirren puts that recent run into context.
  • I like Hibs form but they are going to get caught out if they keep conceding 2 goals. All good so far and they play a St Mirren struggling v the top 5 despite very good recent form. I am tentatively with Hibs here.

18:15 - Motherwell v Aberdeen - 2.46 Aberdeen

  • Quite a few of these about today. 2.4 the favourite suggests tricky encounters.
  • 10th v 3rd .100% defeats for Motherwell at home v the top 6. So why are Motherwell not rubbished by the market, but instead given a shout!!
  • Is it down to their 3-0 win away at Aberdeen, a very anomolous result seeing all goals come first half. I remember the match!
  • 3rd placed Aberdeen away have only lost to the impressive Rangers.
  • 4 losses and a draw in 5 matches for Motherwell.2 draws and 2 wins for Aberdeen.
  • Angles? The market is a mystery to me. Surely Aberdeen's seasonal and recent form warrants stronger favouritism. Surely the market is not just evaluating Motherwell's emphatic 0-3 away win last head to head?

18:30 - Dundee Utd v Kilmarnock - 2.74 Dundee Utd

  • Oh Lordy it never ends. 2.74 the favourite so I'll only look at the Challenge Table.
  • 5th v 8th.
  • Only 1 win home and away for Dundee United v the top 9. 4-0 loss to Killy last time these 2 met.
  • Kilmarnock play 5th today and have lost away to all top 4 sides. Will that extend to 5th? They did beat 6th and 7th away.
  • Angles? None for me I'm afraid. In-play stats or remember we can choose our battles.