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I did put forward a few angles in the DRT Facebook page yesterday including (shock! horror!) a lay of Guinea in a friendly! In this example, it was a case of the in-play stats (Chile absolutely mullering Guinea who led 0-1) overcoming my natural inclination to run to the hills when we venture into the land of friendlies! On this occasion Chile came from behind and pushed on and won.
Other matches you may have noted? Gibraltar v Georgia was a Desmond 2-2. It saw an 84th minute goal end said Desmond. I think this was a good match to take on the Desmond because Gibraltar are a weak International side.
It was the clash of the top 2 in their group, so no gimme for Spain. Did you keep the faith in their equalising after Sweden scored first? 90th minute Moreno equaliser. I know a few members at the DRT Facebook page were keen on a Spanish equaliser.
For you early starters, I put forward a lay of Thailand 1-0 up. UAE did equalise. I must say though that I was delighted that Thailand got the win. A much improved set of shots on/off target stats under new manager for a Thailand with a reputation for being unable to score in a brothel.
I know India v Bangladesh was the match that had us all salivating. 1.2 favourites India conceded first. This is a match where, like Chile, I deferred to the in-play stats and particularly the India corner count. 13 corners means that India are knocking that ball into the Bangladeshi penalty box regularly. This attacking intent produced an 88th minute equaliser....and it was coming!
The Jordan match was interesting. 1.03 shots at the start of the match should have you alert for the following: a potential goal before halftime and a win to nil, scoring 3/4 goals.
No goal was scored in the first half, as rumours abounded that Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan, was actually playing up front. Luckily she was subbed 2nd half. Final score.....3-0.
When I see a 0-0 at halftime in a match where the favourite is at odds of 1.03, I tend to pick 3-0, 3-1, any other home score in the expectation that said 1.03 was accurate. This is how you can turn 1.03 favourites into backable odds.
There were no real surprises with the U21 Internationals yesterday.
Onto today and there is a hiatus now between the Internationals and the return-proper of domestic league football on Friday 18th October.
Nothing of interest at all. Have a day off. Me? I'll be spending the time researching more matches so we can be fully covered for the live chat webinars at the weekend. The more angles we can generate, the more we can trade and profit.