Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Sevilla were a penalty away from qualifying yesterday. The Great Bard, Mr Shakespeare, both got Leicester playing. Juventus did what they needed to do. Dortmund? 1.13 shots at 0-0 halftime. Did you go for 0-3, 1-3, any other away score? It Came off. Those who layed Dortmund pre-match would have also profited.
The AFC Champions League is actually good for a trade or two but is on far too early to be of interest to you. The 2 Champions League matches this evening see away sides with goals, goals, goals from the first leg and home advantage tonight. My only solid angle? Monaco will score. It is so difficult to keep them out, it doesn't matter who the opposition is. As I said in research below, research is more opinion based that stats based so tonight is an opportunity for you to a) take your own opinion and stick with it or b) ignore the matches and just watch or c) use in-play stats to determine who is on top. I will more likely be opting for b) tonight. There are plenty of readable matches to come. Just because a match is high profile, it does not mean you have to play.
If you want some fun, head on over to @whatreallywins for Cheltenham. I picked the last 2 winners last night at 27 on Betfair and 9.32 on Betfair. I use the odds at Sportinglife to look for apparent market movers. I also picked Indian Stream at 60.17 and Briary Queen at 55 who were best of the rest in the 16:10 Cheltenham where the 3 horses 4/1 and lower dominated. I enjoyed it and it is a good alternative to a quiet day of Football.

19:45 - Monaco v Man City - 2.56 Monaco

  • 5-3 Man City from the first leg of this Champions League match. Monaco scored 2 2nd half goals in the league at the weekend and we nearly nailed an 85/1 3-1 correct score (traders profited at 2-1 though).
  • Like last night, these matches are less about stats driven research, more about opinion. I do not have an opinion here, in line with the market's 2.56 quote.
  • Monaco need a 2-0 to qualify in the simplest way possible.
  • A 0-0 suits Man City of course but it will be extremely difficult to stop Monaco from scoring.
  • Expect Monaco to score. That is a solitary angle tonight.

19:45 - Atletico Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen - 1.67 Atl Madrid

  • A huge surprise for me to see Bayer Leverkusen this deep in the Champions League. They are so-so in the German Bundesliga.
  • 2-4 to Atl Madrid from the first leg. Away goals scored. Job done really. Will Atl Madrid revert to their defensive selves this evening? Leverkusen need a 0-3 if my maths is correct in order to qualify in the simplest manner possible.
  • 7 clean sheets and 1 goal conceded by Atl Madrid at home in their last 8 Champions League matches. 3 1-1's and a 0-1 win for Leverkusen away is simply not good enough.
  • 2-3 appeals to me this evening as a fun trade rather than a committed trade. It sees Bayer score their 3 goals but Atl Madrid respond enough to ensure qualification.