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Do you have any angles into today's matches? I had no angles into Juventus's match last night so did not play. I will play the second leg and lay Juventus in the 'to qualify' market.
I believe Dortmund's match kicks off at 17:45 today. Please remember - there is no need to trade these matches unless you have a recognisable trading angle into these matches. As with last night's match, it may be in the second legs that we see the trading angle. Tonight? I think both teams could score in the Dortmund match so any 0-0 would be anomolous. I believe Leicester City are now out of their depth, but there is no argument that the Great Bard, Mr. Shakespeare, has them scoring 2+ goals. Leicester scored an away goal against Sevilla and would like that on this occasion. 4 consecutive home clean sheets for Atl Madrid in first leg home matches in the Champions League. Defence hard to penetrate. Real Madrid are on a 9 match both teams to score sequence in the Champions League and a whopping 18 match run away from home in all competitions. Good luck tonight if you are playing. Know your angles before hand. If you have no angles, don't play!

17:45 - Dortmund v Monaco - 1.68 Dortmund

  • At home, in all competitions, Dortmund have 5 consecutive wins. They are unbeaten in 20 matches at home.
  • Unless I am mistaken, the last time Dortmund had a first leg at home was in April 2013 where they beat Real Madrid 4-1 and lost 2-0 in the away leg.
  • Is this a tactic for tonight. Blow your opponents out of the water. Expect a loss 2nd leg?
  • Back in 2013, Marseille was the last oppponent from France to play Dortmund and they lost 2-3.
  • Bayern, Arsenal, Zenit and Juventus are the 4 teams to have beaten Dortmund at home recently.
  • Both teams have scored in 10 of Monaco's last 12 away matches. Is this a trait we will see tonight? Note 2 consecutive away clean sheets in the league.
  • Both teams have scored in 11 of 14 Champions League matches.
  • In matches where Monaco meets a team over 2 matches, away from home, they have scored in all matches since July 2015. They did fail to score v Juventus.
  • Monaco have conceded in the last 8 aways.
  • This is not typical research as you can see because these are unique matches and this is the first leg.
  • Monaco show a pattern for conceding so expect Dortmund to score. Monaco (recently) have managed at least one goal away from home. Heck they scored 3 v Man City so I could see a both teams to score scenario tonight.

19:45 - Atl Madrid v Leicester City - 1.32 Atl Madrid

  • The market is guessing here completely as Leicester City have not tasted Champions League Football in recent History.
  • Since 6th June 2016 it tends to be Barcelona and Real Madrid (Las Palmas an exception), that are the only teams capable of beating Atl Madrid at home in all competitions.
  • Strangely since 2008 at home in the Champions League, Atl Madrid have only been beaten by Portugeuse sides.
  • Atl Madrid have a real pattern when they are at home in the first of two legs in the Champions League. Here have been their scorelines - 0-0; 0-0; 4-0; 1-0 (Bayern Munich). That is a very interesting and clear pattern. Clean Sheets are the key to Atl Madrid at home.
  • Leicester City are only to be looked at under the Great Bard, Mr. Shakespeare.3-3-2-3-2-2-2 goals scored under the Great Bard. This includes a 2-0 win at home against Sevilla. Superb stuff and a re-ignition of the forward line.
  • 2-1 loss to Sevilla, 2-3, 4-2 away for Leicester recently.
  • Leicester, against Sevilla, were away from home in the first leg and lost 2-1. They would take an away goal today given their confidence in scoring with home advantage.
  • We will, tonight, have a battle between defence and attack. Atl Madrid will be seeking a clean sheet as they have the last 4 occasions where they are at home in the first leg. I guess Leicester will be looking for an away goal and retain faith, at home, in scoring 2+ goals again.
  • I can't help thinking that this is a step-too-far for Leicester under the Great Bard. That's the logical point of view but it is clear that his impact is great on Leicester.

19:45 - Bayern Munich v Real Madrid - 1.82 Bayern Munich

  • In the last 3 Champions League head to heads, Real Madrid have won to nil, twice they won 1-0.
  • Bayern Munich are unbeaten at home since 12th March 2016.
  • The last time they conceded 2 goals at home was in 16th March 2016 at home to Juventus
  • When at home in the first leg, Bayern have won 1-0; 4-1; 5-1. The big wins were v PSV and Arsenal. Real Madrid are a step up.
  • Since April 2016 Real Madrid have lost away to Sevilla and Valencia. Interesting prior to April, they lost away in the Champions League to German outtfit Wolfsburg.
  • Real Madrid have scored and conceded in their last 18 away matches.
  • When playing the same team over 2 legs, and starting the first leg away from home, Real Madrid have secured the following first leg scorelines recently - 0-0; 2-1; 0-0; 0-2; 2-0 (loss to Wolfsburg); 0-0.
  • 3 0-0's there suggests a possible tactic tonight.
  • Real Madrid are on a 9 match run of scoring and conceding in the Champions League.
  • Can you find a trading angle? Head to Heads suggest Real Madrid can actually tame Bayern Munich but Real Madrid have a reputation for conceding goals. Value might lie in backing 0-0 pre-match? Trade out at halftime?