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I've said it before and will say it again, today is a day more for in-play stats than pre-match research. A day of reacting to events will see the trading angles and the profits. The U21 Euro qualifiers are best served via in-play stats. I will do a review/preview video.


17:00 - Armenia v Estonia - 1.88 Armenia

  • 0-0 in the most recent head to head in 2018.
  • 101st v 96th in the rankings. The lower ranked side is favourite.
  • 2-1 loss for Armenia v North Macedonia. 0-1 loss v Georgia for Estonia.

17:00 - Georgia v North Macedonia - 2.44 Georgia

  • No head to heads.
  • 0-1 win for Georgia v Estonia. 2-1 win for North Macedonia v Armenia.
  • 89th v 68th.


Denmark v England - 2.14 England

  • Last head to head 2014.
  • 10th v 5th in the rankings.
  • 0-2 loss v Belgium for Denmark. England were extremely lacklustre in their 0-1 penalty win v Iceland. A late missed Iceland penalty saved blushes. I noted no Man Utd players in the squad so this England team is not the strongest England team. If Harry Kane is having one of his meandering days, there may be a glut of goals.
  • Last head to head was in 2014.

Belgium v Iceland - 1.19 Belgium

  • In 2018 head to heads, 0-3 and 2-0 Belgium is in line with the market's expectations today.
  • 1st v 37th.
  • 0-2 win for Belgium v Denmark and 0-1 loss for Iceland v England. Belgium's win v a stronger Denmark should cement a likely win to nil today.

France v Croatia - 1.57 France

  • 2018's head to head saw a 4-2 win for France. France's opening goals were an own goal and a penalty so the match had the feeling of being tighter than the final score.
  • 0-1 win for France v Sweden. 4-1 loss for Croatia v Portugal. Mbappe is absent for France and he was the difference in the match v Sweden. Significant?
  • 2nd v 4th.

Sweden v Portugal - 1.91 Portugal

  • 2017's head to heads saw a 2-3 Sweden win.
  • 14th v 6th.
  • Sweden lost 0-1 v France.
  • Portugal beat Croatia 4-1.

Cyprus v Azerbaijan - 2.34 Cyprus

  • No head to heads.
  • Cyprus lost 0-2 v Montenegro.
  • Azerbaijan lost 1-2 to Luxembourg. A red card affected match.
  • 86th v 107th in the rankings.

Luxembourg v Montenegro - 2.08 Montenegro

  • No recent head to heads.
  • 86th v 44th in the rankings.
  • 1-2 win v Azerbaijan for Luxembourg who, on the stats, deserved the win.
  • Montenegro beat Cyprus 0-2.
  • 4 goals in those 2 opening wins came 2nd half so note that if 0-0 at halftime.

San Marino v Liechtenstein - 1.41 Liechtenstein

  • No head to heads since 2015.
  • 211th v 181st.
  • 1-0 loss for San Marino v Gibraltar.
  • Bosnia beat Liechtenstein 0-3.

UEFA U21 EURO Qualifiers

  • I am not sure that researching each of these U21 Euro qualifiers will be a productive use of my time. I would ask you to get telegram up from 15:00 at least, and I will be monitoring the in-play stats for these matches. Take your cues too from the market's assessment of the matches. I can't find any rankings for these U21 matches. Rankings would help.

14:00 - Faroe Islands U21 v North Macedonia U21 - 1.51 North Macedonia U21

15:00 - Belgium U21 v Germany U21 - 2.06 Germany U21

15:00 - Latvia U21 v Estonia U21 - 1.46 Latvia U21

16:30 - Lithuania U21 v Scotland U21 - 1.51 Scotland U21


Moldova U21 v Bosnia U21 - 1.68 Bosnia U21

Finland U21 v Ukraine U21 - 2.18 Ukraine U21

Poland U21 v Russia U21 - 2.16 Russia U21

Northern Ireland U21 v Denmark U21 - 1.53 Denmark U21

Malta U21 v Romania U21 - 1.16 Romania U21

17:30 - Portugal U21 v Belarus U21 - 1.11 Portugal U21