Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Wednesday sees the first semblance of football with the Belarus Cup, Nicaraguan league and Tajikistan league matches. All best attacked via the in-play stats. So please grab your free feed from me for Email me and I'll set you up. If you want to flex your trading muscles then CS:GO has 3 matches today in the Esports. 13:25, 17:00 and 21:00 are the kick-off times. I would recommend you start looking an hour after the matches start in order to give the price/volume over time graphs time to develop. Here are 2 examples of how you can profit from Esports using the Price/Volume over time graphs. In the first graph, you see this team's odds stall at 2.5. If you missed it the 2nd time, then what are you going to do if it happens on a 3rd occasion (as it did). Yes, you will back this team at 2.5. Or, with my variant on support/resistance trading, I would place a lay bet at 3.00 in case the price broke through this resistance at 2.5. If the odds break through 2.5, the inference is that, if reaching 3, that move upwards will be established. Similarly, backing at odds of around 2.25 will ensure that, if the price bounces off 2.5 again and works downwards, in passing through 2.25, a down trend will be established which you can surf like a wave. The screenshot below shows you both support and resistance for one team in one esports match. The top line is called 'resistance'. The bottom line is a 'support' line as the price is constantly supported see a final breakthrough and the odds move down. 5.5 odds was a key point at the top for this side. So why not back them at 5.2 or 4.8 odds . That way, if these odds are hit, you can infer that the price will drop in line with what happened the last time the price hit 5.5. 2.25 was the price which acted as support. Why not place a back bet at 2.1 or, better yet, 1.8 (as 2.00 is a key price and may act as another area of support). If the price moves through 1.8, we can expect a move downwards given that 2.25 has been such a consistent area of support. Let's take a look at this graph for a tennis match and you can see the similarities. Can you spot the areas of support and resistance. If you noticed 1.5 odds as the area of support and 2.00 as the area of resistance in this tennis match, then well done. Now, with the knowledge that the market tends to move between 1.5 odds and 2.00 odds, how can you profit? Simple. Back this tennis player at 1.9 If 1.9 odds are hit then we can infer a downward trend in the price , having bounced off 2.00 odds yet again. If 1.5 support is hit again, what can we do? We could back at 1.45 in anticipation of the support line being broken, and/or we can lay at 1.55/1.6 and , if those odds are hit, we can expect an upward price movement. I will do a video to explain all this at DRT Facebook. It is easier verbally explained than written. Support/Resistance trading using Betfair Profit/Volume over time graphs is a great addition to your trading skill set. Make use of it in the 3 CS:GO matches each day and, once tennis returns, you can trade in this way.