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There are no researchable matches today but there are some tasty looking International Friendlies. Iran v Algeria perhaps the standout (only joking.). Spain v Argentina; England v Italy (and Italy not going to the World Cup); Germany v Brazil; and Russia v France all appeal as spectacles.
I will not research them because we tend to find that there are possible tactical changes in friendlies, as well as wholesale personnel changes for the second halves. Portugal ordinarily would not lose 0-3 to the Netherlands for example were it a competitive match.
But, if you wanted to see for yourself whether teams actually take friendlies seriously or instead treat them as an experimental platform, then is your place. can filter matches by type. When you find the International of Interest, simply filter by Friendlies. I've done a video for you at the DRT Facebook page.
I do hope you have found the shorties lists useful. They serve to focus the mind on red hot favourites expected to win. React if there are any potential shocks, red cards or no goals. I will do another Shorties List for today.
League football returns on Friday. I do have a relative staying with me currently. He leaves 4th April. I want to do a live chat Saturday as we have had a gap to the last live chat. I will update you on whether this is possible and apologize in advance if I cannot live chat on Saturday or Sunday.