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The Europa League looks very tough indeed to predict. Remember this is only the first leg so is effectively the first half and rather than being a must win, is a must-not-lose-by-too-much-that-it-is-not-salvageable-in-the-second-leg! Get the idea!
With 4 matches where the favourite is at odds of 2.56 or 2.82, I am loathe to spend time researching these matches. There are no trading angles at all bar in-play stats. I would rather spend the time researching more league matches at the weekend, where we have a higher probability of profiting from these than the Europa League first. Apologies for the sparce research today. Barcelona, Dortmund this lot are not!
To compensate to today's barren research. I will be researching more weekend matches.

18:00 - Rostov v Man Utd - 1.84 Man Utd

  • The Europa League first leg matches.
  • There is little form to work with as far as Rostov and the Europa League is concerned as they are casualties of a poor Champions League campaign.
  • Man Utd have kept 4 consecutive clean sheets in wins in this competition.
  • In the Champions League, Atl Madrid won 0-1 and Rostov beat Bayern Munich 3-2 at home (albeit a switched off Bayern Munich whose qualification was not affected by that result).
  • This is a match for the second leg I think. At their best, Man Utd could nick a 0-1 away goal win, just as Atl Madrid did.

18:00 - FC Copenhagen v Ajax - 2.56 FC Copenhagen

18:00 - APOEL v Anderlecht - 2.82 APOEL

20:05 - Gent v Genk - 1.98 Gent

20:05 - Schalke v Mgladbach - 2.36 Schalke

20:05 - Olympiakos v Besiktas - 2.56 Olympiakos

20:05 - Lyon v Roma - 2.56 Lyon

20:05 - Celta Vigo v FK Krasnodar - 1.7 Celta Vigo

  • Celta Vigo are the second odds on shots of the day in the Europa League.
  • There is no way to gauge these 2 by teams met or leagues and this is a matter of faith in the odds.
  • 2 draws and a loss at home for Celta Vigo in the Europa League.
  • 2 losses and a draw away for FK Krasnador in the Europa League.