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Have the bravery to take on the market! Atl Madrid at 1.12 and Dortmund at 1.12. Do your research. If you think the odds are too short, lay them! 2 1-1 draws. Delighted with those calls. Liverpool the only major trade bar Dortmund with a 0-0 at halftime. I did suggest a repeat of their performance v Huddersfield and it ended 3-0. Sorry I did not do a live chat. Where I am it is a 02:45 am kick-off now the clocks have changed. The 18:00 kick offs today in the Europa League may be more within my grasp. With the Europa League, I will begin to research those matches where there is a clear favourite, and a well-known favourite. I will not be researching all matches today. With an 18:00 kick off I will live chat this evening for the 18:00 kick offs at least. The live chat will be on Twitter @drtclub.

18:00 - FC Copenhagen v Zlin - 1.5 FC Copenhagen

  • 1-1 earlier in the campaign.
  • 2nd place in Group F is up for grabs.

FC Copenhagen

  • All competitions: only 2 losses in 11 matches.
  • All competitions home form: unbeaten in 9. 4-0-4-4 goals scored at home. 5 wins in 6 home matches.
  • Europa league overall: 3 consecutive draws. 2 0-0's and a 1-1. Failed to score in 3 of 4 matches.
  • Europa league home form: 0-0, 2-1, 0-0 at home.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 7 matches.
  • All competitions away form: only 1 win in 12 matches.
  • Europa league overall: new to the competition. 0-0, 3-0 loss, 1-1 draw.


  • Zlin are new to the competition. FC Copenhagen look rightfully favourites today.0-0 may be in play but Copenhagen have scored 4 goals in 3 of their last 4 home matches.
  • I hope FC Copenhagen have their scoring boots on. I would lay the late 0-0.

18:00 - AEK Athens v AC Milan - 2.26 AC Milan

AEK Athens

  • All competitions: only 2 wins in 7 came last 2 matches. 0-1-0-0-7 (cup) - 1 scored recently. A bit blunt up front.
  • All competitions home form: only 2 defeats in 14.
  • Europa league overall: unbeaten in 5 2 goals scored v Rijeka and Austria Vienna 0-0 v Milan.
  • Europa league home form: only 1 win in 6.3 and 2 goals scored in 2017 home matches.

AC Milan

  • All competitions: only 1 win in 6 0-2-0-0-4-0 scored. A bit inconsistent up front.
  • All competitions away form: no draw in 11.2 defeats in 3 v Sampdoria and Inter Milan.
  • Europa league overall: when appearing in the Europa League, look solid. Undefeated in 16 matches.6 wins and a 0-0 last 7.
  • Europa league away form: 3 consecutive wins conceding 0-0-1. 5 goals scored v Austria Vienna.


  • Milan are an inconsistent side but a consistent Europa League side. I would have to side with Milan not to lose based only on that excellent Europa League form.

18:00 - Lyon v Everton - 1.52 Lyon

  • A match where angles are muddied by the arrival of David Unsworth as Everton manager.
  • A draw and 2 defeats for Everton in Group E may betray their attitude to the competition. Lyon are 2nd on 5 points and could go top of the group with a win.
  • Not a match I want to research. Likely a weakened Everton team so expect Lyon to dominate in that case. You can see team news at by clicking on the live centre and then the line ups.

18:00 - Young Boys v Dynamo Kiev - 2.5 Young Boys

  • I do like Young Boys (the team you understand!). They tend to be reliable goalscorers. Yes, the market is the kind which tells us to avoid this match but it may be worth taking a look at given the home side's reputation.
  • 2017 head to heads have been in the Champions League and Europa League. 3-1 Kiev, 2-0 Young Boys and 2-2. Goals as promised!
  • Dynamo Kiev are dominating Group B. 2nd spot (assumed) is wide open.

Young Boys

  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 13 matches. Scored 2+ goals in 8 of those matches.
  • All competitions home form: 3-1-4-6-5 goals scored at home recently. Scored and conceded in their last 4.
  • Europa league overall: 4 score draws in 5 matches.
  • Europa league home form: 3-1, 3-0, 1-1 in the last 3 home matches.

Dynamo Kiev

  • All competitions: only 2 defeats in 18 matches, one was a friendly.
  • All competitions away form: no win in 7 sees 4 consecutive draws.
  • Europa league overall: 3-3-3-2 goals scored last 4 matches, conceding 1-1-2-2 in same.
  • Europa league away form: only 1 win in 5 was a 2-3.


  • Goals do look imminent on a bare reading of both teams' form. I would back 2-2 here as a trading angle in the hope the strong both teams to score pattern for both sides continues. Head to heads did see a 2-2 last time these 2 met and one team at least has scored 2 goals in the 3 2017 head to heads.

18:00 - Apollon Limassol v Atalanta - 1.75 Atalanta

  • My straightforward reaction here? 4th in Italian Seria A last year really should have too much for a Cypriot side. The market though is a big more tentative.
  • 3-1 Atalanta in the earlier meeting.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 12. Scored and conceded in 12 of their last 14.
  • All competitions home form: only 2 losses since October 2016 were in friendlies.
  • Europa league overall: scored and conceded in 7 of their last 8 matches. 3 score draws and a loss last 4 matches.
  • Europa league home form: unbeaten in 8.


  • All competitions: only 2 defeats in 13. Scored and conceded in 10 of those matches.
  • All competitions away form: scored and conceded in their last 7. No win in 6 saw 3 1-1 draws.
  • Europa league overall: new to competition. 2 home wins and a 1-1 draw away. Scored 3 in the home wins.


  • No getting away from Apollon's home form which may be the cause for the lukewarm odds for Atalanta.
  • Both teams to score is a prevailing pattern for both sides and I would be keener laying an Apollon lead than an Atalanta lead.

20:05 - Lazio v Nice - 1.63 Lazio

  • 1-3 Lazio in the last head to head.
  • Group K is between these 2 teams.


  • All competitions: 8 consecutive wins.12 wins in 13 matches. They scored 2+ goals in 12/13 matches.
  • All competitions home form: 4 wins in 5. Only inform Napoli have beaten them.
  • Europa league overall: 3 wins scoring 3-2-3 goals. Conceded in 2/3 of those matches.
  • Europa league home form: 5 wins in 6 home matches.


  • All competitions: 5 consecutive defeats.
  • All competitions away form: no draw in 7. 2 consecutive away defeats.
  • Europa league overall: no draw. 1-5 win v Zulte, 3-0 v Vitesse and 1-3 loss v Lazio.


  • Nice are in poor overall form and with 5 wins in 6 matches, Lazio should be eyeing a positive result. I would lay Nice if Nice scored first.

20:05 - Hertha Berlin v Zorya - 1.68 Hertha Berlin

  • 2-1 Zorya from the first leg.
  • It is Zorya and Ostersunds who dominate Group J.


  • All competitions: 2 wins in 13 not quite the form of a 1.7 shot - scored and conceded in 5 of their last 6 matches.
  • All competitions home form: scored and conceded in 4 of their last 5.
  • Europa league overall: 1-1-0-0-1 scored in their last 5 with no win in 4. Want an early exit?
  • Europa league home form: 1-0-1-1-1-0 scored recently Unbeaten in 4 at home. 0-0 last match.


  • All competitions: unbeaten in 9, mostly Ukrainian.
  • All competitions away form: 3 consecutive away wins.
  • Europa league overall: lost to Ostersunds but beat Atl Bilbao and Hertha.
  • Europa league away form: 0-0-0-1 scored last 4 away. Did beat Bilbao 0-1. Losses away were 1-0 twice and 2-0.


  • It seems to be that Hertha Berlin do not prioritise the German Bundesliga so are really not that hot at 1.68 odds.
  • I could foresee a tight match if this attitude continues.Zorya have been shy infront of goal away.
  • Perhaps 0-0 to back pre match might have some legs. It is a tough puzzle as we cannot trust Hertha and Zorya away scored only one in 4.

20:05 - Arsenal v Crvena Zvezda - 1.36 Arsenal

  • Group H sees Arsenal on top in a relatively weak group.
  • It was an unattractive 0-1 away win v 10 man red Star.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 12 was away v Watford in a pre-Europa League match - despite the concerns it is a good bit of recent form.
  • All competitions home form:unbeaten in 9 with 7 wins and 2 extra times.
  • Europa league overall: normally a Champions League side so this is the first venture in the Europa League. 3 wins scoring 3-4-1.
  • Europa league home form: 3-1 v Koln.


  • All competitions: only 3 defeats since June 2017 albeit in Serbia mostly.
  • All competitions away form: 8 clean sheets in 10 aways mostly again in Serbia.
  • Europa league overall: 1-1, 0-1 win and 0-1 loss so continuing that defensive strength.
  • Europa league away form: unsurprisingly, recent away wins were 0-1.


  • Watch out for a rear guard action from Red Star. That is their calling card in Serbia and they have brought that to the Europa League. Yet to concede 2 goals.
  • Arsenal only managed one goal away v them so prepare for possible frustrations tonight. Arsenal have had a habit of eventually scoring if they are frustrated by a defensive display.
  • You might want to back 0-0 and hope the match goes as per the Liverpool match until halftime. I would trade out at halftime.

20:05 - Guimaraes v Marseille - 1.87 Marseille

  • 2-1 when these 2 met. I watched this match and Marseille were utterly dominant.
  • Group I is between Marseille and Salzburg.


  • All competitions: scored and conceded in 9 of their last 10 matches winning only 3 of those.
  • All competitions home form: tend only to lose to the top 3 Portugeuse teams at home. 3 score draws in 4 matches.
  • Europa league overall: scored and conceded in their last 6 matches without winning. No win in 10 spans 2013, 2015 and 2017.
  • Europa league home form: scored and conceded last 3.1-1 v Salzburg might give Marseille something to think about.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 9 came v Salzburg. Scored 2+ goals in 6 of their last 8 matches.unbeaten in 5.
  • All competitions away form: since 5th March 2017 only 2 defeats v Monaco and Salzburg.
  • Europa league overall: only 2 defeats in 12 matches were 1-0.
  • Europa league away form: no win in 4 away with 3 draws and a 1-0 loss.


  • I cannot see Marseille losing but I cannot discount the draw given their apparent drop in away form in this competition. A team usually with at least 2 goals in them, that is not the case away.
  • The fact remains Guimaraes are winless in this competition in recent years and their both teams scoring pattern tells us they should be layed if scoring first. They scored first in the earlier match and Marseille won.

20:05 - Red Bull Salzburg v Konyaspor - 1.3 Red Bull

  • 0-2 Red Bull when these 2 last met suggests the odds are correct here with home advantage. With this Europa League we do get peripheral teams and Konayspor are a good example so I think that head to heads take on greater significance.
  • Group I should be between Red Bull and Marseille who have impressed me with their goal scoring.
  • Salzburg are the dominant force in Austria so I am not sure we glean much from recounting their domestic form.
  • Their only 2017 loss at home was in a friendly so confidence in Salzburg at home.
  • Salzburg are unbeaten in 8 in the Europa League with only 2 draws there.
  • 2 consecutive wins to nil includes an impressive home 1-0 v Marseille who I mentioned earlier have a reputation for scoring.
  • 3 consecutive wins to nil now for Salzburg at home.
  • Only 3 wins in 11 in all competitions for Konyaspor.
  • Only 1 win in 15 away for Konyaspor was surprisingly against Besiktas who are having a good Champions League
  • Konayspor are infrequent visitors to the Europa League. Since 2016 only one win. They only lost 1-0 away to Marseille.
  • Red Bull look to be riding a wave of momentum currently and I cannot see them fluffing their lines tonight against a Konyaspor with a single win since 2016 in this competition.
  • It may be an unspectacular win if it is to be a win, maybe 1-0 with a possible late goal to make it 2-0. We shall see.

20:05 - Sociedad v Vardar Skopje - 1.11 Sociedad

  • A comprehensive 0-6 away win for goal machines Sociedad the last time these 2 met.
  • 3 matches remain in the group stages and Sociedad will ensure victory I am sure. They must beat Vardar as everyone else is beating Vardar.
  • 4-0 at home v Rosenborg augurs well for Sociedad at home. I must say I do like Sociedad - a reliable goals team.
  • Vardar want this to end. 3 defeats, 14 goals conceded. Their poor keeper has back-ache picking the ball out of the net so often.
  • I expect 3 goals bare minimum for Sociedad tonight. Interestingly though, Vardar are still in contention on zero points with Rosenborg possibly dropping points v Zenit.

20:05 - Athletic Bilbao v Ostersunds FK - 1.44 Ath

  • This is another of those matches, like Atl Madrid and Dortmund where I am left wondering how Bilbao are strong favourites. You will see as I research why this is my initial reaction.
  • 2-2 when these 2 met at Ostersunds saw Ostersunds lead 2-1.

Atl Bilbao

  • All competitions: only 1 win in 11 was a 1-0.
  • All competitions home form: 3 defeats in 4 at home.
  • Europa league overall: 0-0, 0-1 loss and 2-2 last 3 matches.
  • Europa league home form: only 2 losses in 15 - did lose 0-1 to Zorya last home match.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 14 matches saw 10 wins.
  • All competitions away form: 5 wins to nil in their last 6.
  • Europa league overall: first year in the Europa League and only 1 loss, 6 wins and 2 draws.
  • Europa league away form: scored and conceded in 3/4. Lost 3-1 away to PAOK inbetween 2 wins.


  • Is Atl Bilbao's form the form of a 1.44 odds favourite? If we are biased to them, then their home form in all competitions is the only piece of form to back up such favouritism.
  • Contrast with Ostersunds who have only 1 loss in 14, 5 wins to nil in 6 away and only 1 loss in 9 in this competition.
  • I must oppose any Atl Bilbao lead today based on the form. Remember that you can take on the market who with Atl Madrid and Dortmund were too lazy to do the research.

20:05 - Rosenborg v Zenit St Petersburg - 2.02 Zenit

  • 3-1 Zenit in the last head to head.
  • Group L should be between Sociedad and Zenit. Rosenborg need a win this evening to get a foot in.


  • All competitions: only 1 loss in 8 was v Zenit.
  • All competitions home form: 2 consecutive home draws.
  • Europa league overall: only 3 wins in 14. They bucked the odds by beating Ajax home and away and beat Vardar at home.
  • Europa league home form: 3-2 v Ajax and 3-1 v Vardar at home.


  • All competitions: failed to score in 3/4 matches either side of their win v Rosenborg.
  • All competitions away form: only 1 loss in 17 matches. 2 consecutive draws.
  • Europa league overall: 3 wins out of 3 scoring 3 goals minimum.
  • Europa league away form: no draw since Feb 2009.


  • Zenit are wobbling domestically, failing to score in 3 now but that was punctuated by a 3-1 home win v Rosenborg.
  • Rosenborg do look weak here. They beat Ajax home and away and Vardar but I am not taken by that form. If Zenit are saving themselves for the Europa League, I would favour them today. I am worried though that they have failed to score in 3 in Russia. Hopefully that is because of a Europa League distraction?