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My hands are tied really as regards in-depth research for the Europa League. We have a) the first leg result b) the pre-match odds and c) the permutations required from both teams in order to qualify. I have said it before, in-play stats are usually an excellent source of trading angles. 18:00 would be a good start for a DRT Facebook chat but, as ever, I battle the time zone. I am keen to monitor these matches and indeed trade them myself.
16:00 sees the start of the US Open for today. Serena Williams, for you early risers, lost the first set, and won the next 2. The time zone in the US requires evening trading. I hope, though, that you have seen throughout this summer, that Grand Slam tennis is very tradeable.


17:00 - Qarabag Fk v Linfield - 1.14 Qarabag

  • 3-2 Lingfield from the opener is set to be corrected today, so says the market. But remember, Qarabag will qualify with a 1-0 given their 2 away goals.
  • Linfield were value for the win. Qarabag's 2nd goal was a 90th minute penalty.
  • fascinating first leg scoreline. 1.14 suggests Qarabag will suddenly go to town and score 2/4 goals.

17:45 - FK Riga v FC Copenhagen - 1.63 Copenhagen

  • 3-1 Copenhagen from the opening leg. Riga do have an away goal which could serve to keep them interested.
  • A 2-0 Riga win sees them through in the easiest way. An away goal from Copenhagen should nail this tie.
  • It looked more flattering than it was, that 3-1. A 62nd minute 2-1 polished off by a 90th minute penalty.
  • Riga may be tougher to beat than expected?


AIK v Celtic - 2.32 Celtic

  • 2-0 Celtic from the first leg. No away goal conceded. Celtic only need score an away goal today to leave the Swedish side AIK with uphill task. AIK must score the first 2 goals here.

Apollon Limassol v PSV - 2.26 PSV

  • The Cypriots were undone by 3-0 PSV first leg lead. Obviously PSV are the better side here. 0-0 suffices for them. An away goal needs Apollon to score 5 goals in reply. Apollon must score the first 3 goals here!

BATE Borisov v FC Astana - 2.38 BATE

  • 3-0 Astana in the first leg, the 3rd goal a penalty. Enough to suggest the Kazak side are simply better than the Belarussian side BATE? An away goal for Astana nails this tie as BATE will require to score 5 goals without reply.

Bnei Yehuda v Malmo FF - 2.04 Malmo

  • 3-0 Malmo first leg continues their impressive season and suggests that they are simply the better side v these Israelis. Malmo did not concede an  away goal and if scoring an away goal today, will require Bnei to score 5 goals in response.

Molde v Partizan Belgrade - 2.14 Molde

  • Molde scored first in the first leg and Partizan replied with the next 2 goals. 2-1 it ended and Molde, the Norwegians, have the away goal. A 1-0 win will see them qualify in the easiest way. An away goal for Partizan will require Molde to score 2 goals.

PAOK v Slovan Bratislava - 1.33 PAOK

  • 1-0 Slovan in the first leg. PAOK shut out, despite their scoring 4 goals in 2 legs in the Champions League against Ajax. That might suggest that this Europa League was not their goal. Still, PAOK impressed hugely at home v Ajax and led 2-0 in no time. If they are up for it today, I could see them scoring 2+ goals today. They need to and they also need to ensure Slovan do not score because if Slovan score, 2 goals is not enough for PAOK.

Zorya v Espanyol - 2.3 Espanyol

  • 3-1 Espanyol from the first leg sees Zorya get a precious away goal. A 2-0 home win will see Zorya qualify in the easiest way possible. An away goal for Espanyol will need Zorya to score 4 goals. It is key for the Ukrainians to score first but on that first leg scoreline, I think the gap in leagues is obvious.

18:15 - Spartak Moscow v Braga - 2.4 Spartak

  • 74th minute Braga winner in the opener. They did not concede an away goal. Spartak must mirror this scoreline at least in order to retain parity but it is advantage Braga who, if scoring an away goal, will see Spartak needing to score 3 goals.

18:30 - Antwerp v AZ Alkmaar - 2.44 Antwerp

  • Belgium v Holland.
  • 0-1 Antwerp.73rd minute Antwerp red card. 82nd minute AZ equalizer. 1-1 but a match clouded by the red card.
  • Antwerp looked as if they had AZ in their pockets in the first leg, were it not for that red card. So watch out this evening that Antwerp, with home advantage in this leg, may keep AZ from scoring. 0-0 does for Antwerp today. AZ must score.

18:30 - Hapoel Beer Sheva v Feyenoord - 2.26 Feyenoord

  • 3-0 Feyenoord in the first leg. It looks definitive that an Eredivisie league is just better than the Israeli league.
  • Beer were at their best in this competition in 2016, beating Inter Milan of all teams at home and drawing 0-0 with Southampton. They are on a 3 match home winning streak, albeit v teams from leagues less established than the Dutch.

18:30 - Trabzonspor v AEK Athens - 1.79 Trabzonspor

  • Turkey v Greece in a derby of sorts.
  • Ekuban was the man for Trab in the first leg. A hat-trick of away goals. And all that after AEK Athens scored first.
  • Clear advantage for Trabzonspor. AEK must score the first 3 goals in this match in order to qualify.

19:00 - F91 Dudelange v FC Avan Academy - 2.3 F91

  • Luxembourg v Armenia here. Avan a.k.a. Ararat-Armenia. I wonder if there will be any Ararat-Armenia fans watching this one from Noah's Ark on top of Mount Ararat?
  • 2-0 Avan from the first leg. F91 have that precious away goal. A 1-0 sees F91 qualify in the easiest fashion. Avan 0-0 sees them qualify in the easiest fashion.

19:00 - Ferencvaros v FK Suduva - 1.41 Ferencvaros

  • Hungary v Lithuania.
  • 0-0 from the first leg.....yet again!!! You know the drill now. Suduva favoured if scoring that away goal. Ferencvaros, I argue, need to target 2+ goals this evening and are the 3rd short priced favourite at home today after a 0-0 first leg.

19:00 - Rijeka v Gent  - 2.48 Gent

  • Croatia v Belgium.
  • Rijeka scored first in the first leg, an away goal. Gent replied with 2 goals in the second half. That away goal sees Rijeka bang in this tie. A 1-0 will see them qualify with the power of that away goal. A Gent away goal will be problematic for Rijeka.

19:15 - NK Maribor v Ludogorets - 2.36 Ludogorets

  • 0-0 from the first leg. Quite a few of these today. Ludogorets are favoured on the away goal rule and my argument for Maribor is that they must set a target of 2+ goals to insure against an away goal.

19:30 - Eintracht Frankfurt v Strasbourg - 1.39 Frankfurt

  • 1-0 Strasbourg in the first leg sees them not concede that away goal so it is advantage them. This echoes the PAOK match. 1-0 first leg. No away goal scored. Home advantage now, and sub 1.4 odds favourites. Frankfurt must eye 2+ goals, as I say in the PAOK match. A Strasbourg away goal needs Frankfurt to score 3 goals in response.

19:45 - Rangers v Legia Warsaw - 1.51 Rangers

  • 0-0 from the first leg. The market expects Rangers to qualify today but the problem is that they did not score that away goal. A la Ajax, Rangers need 2+ goals in order to insure against an away goal. I pointed in the first leg research to Legia Warsaw's ultra strong defence and 0-0 was absolutely no surprise. So watch out for this defensive Legia stance. If you want to back 0-0 pre match, go for it and hope that Legia's defence remains strong.

19:45 - Wolves v Torino - 1.97 Wolves

  • An own goal opened up the scoring for Wolves. 0-2 it became, then 1-2, then 1-3. 2-3 came via a Torino penalty.
  • Wolves were at it again at the weekend with a late late 1-1 draw in the Premier League.
  • There looks to be an air of reliability about this Wolves side and I do not expect them to lose. Even if Torino lead 0-1, that's not enough. Torino need to score 2 goals.

20:00 - Guimaraes v FCSB - 1.64 Guimaraes

  • Guimaraes are a side to start monitoring domestically in Portugal.
  • 0-0 from the first leg actually sees advantage FCSB on the away goal rule. I would suggest that Guimaraes do what Ajax did yesterday. Score 2 goals in order to cover an errant away goal.
  • FCSB, if they score first, will leave Guimaraes in trouble as we see above. Guimaraes must score first. FCSB need only keep it to 1 goal concession and get that away goal to go through.