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The Europa League. My favourite competition to trade, after the New Zealand national Women's League. You get the idea? Research is difficult. I trade almost exclusively via the in-play stats in this competition. All we have really is collateral form from 2 matches to work with, and the market's conclusions. I'll do a quick chat video at DRT Facebook page.


17:55 - AZ Alkmaar v FC Astana - 1.41 AZ

  • Group L also includes Partizan and Man Utd.
  • 2-2 v Partizan and 0-0 v Man Utd for AZ so far.
  • Kazak side Astana lost 1-0 v Man Utd and 1-2 v Partizan. Astana should be the weak link.

Basaksehir v Wolfsberger AC - 2 Bas

  • A match which sums up the Europa League. How on earth do we gauge these 2 against each other?
  • Roma and Wolfsberger are 1 and 2 currently in Group J.
  • Time Basaksehir started winning!
  • 4-0 loss v Roma and 1-1 draw v Mgladbach for Basaksehir so far.
  • Wolf beat Mgladbach 0-4 away which caught the eye. They drew 1-1 v Roma at home.
  • Angles? On collateral form, Wolf have impressed us more. The market disagrees, asserting Basaksehir as evens favourite.

Besiktas v Braga - 2.52 Braga

  • Group K sees Besiktas bottom and Braga joint top.
  • 4-2 loss v Slovan and 0-1 loss v Wolves for Besiktas.
  • Besiktas goals were an own goal and a penalty.
  • 0-1 win v Wolves and 2-2 v Slovan for Braga. Contrasting form.
  • Angles? 2.52 suggests this match is too tough to call. Besiktas at home are tough to play against. On the collateral form, Braga look better.

CSKA Moscow v Ferencvaros - 1.57 CSKA

  • A win for CSKA today takes them off bottom in Group H.
  • 5-1 loss v Ludogorets and 0-2 loss v Espanyol for CSKA so far. Poor stuff.
  • Hungarian side Ferencvaros drew 1-1 v Espanyol and lost 0-3 v Ludogorets.
  • Angles? None immediately spring to mind. The market clearly sides with CSKA. Let the in-play stats confirm this.

Gent v  Wolfsburg - 2.56 Wolf

  • 2.56 suggests leaving this to the inplay stats.
  • Group I also comprises St Etienne and Oleksandria.
  • 3-2 win v St Etienne and 1-1 draw v Oleksandria for Gent.
  • 3-1 win v Oleksandria and 1-1 draw v St Etienne for the Wolf.
  • Angles? Similar form here. As the market suggests, there will be more readable matches.

Ludogorets v Espanyol - 2.28 Ludo

  • 1st and 2nd in Group H after 2 matches.
  • 5-1 v CSKA Moscow and 0-3 v Ferencvaros for Ludogorets.
  • 1-1 v Ferencvaros and 0-2 away v CSKA for Espanyol.
  • Angles? Only collateral form to work from. Ludogorets have impressed more with their goalscoring.

Partizan Belgrade v Man Utd - 2.42 Utd

  • These 2 lead Group L.2-2 v AZ and 1-2 v Astana for Partizan. Good stuff. Twice have they scored 2 goals.
  • 1-0 win v Astana and 0-0 v AZ sees Man Utd take a more defensive route.
  • Angles? None really. Partizan scoring 2+ goals against the same teams Man Utd score 1 and 0 against.

Porto v Rangers - 1.5 Porto

  • Group G looks tough for Rangers comprising Young Boys and Feyenoord.
  • 2-1 win v Young Boys and 2-0 loss v Feyenoord for Porto.
  • Rangers beat Feyenoord 1-0 at home and lost 2-1 to the Young Boys.
  • Porto tend to start in the Champions League. Their league has a lot more teams in the Champions League and Europa League.
  • Angles? I cannot really dismiss this Rangers side under Gerrard. The market has though.

Qarabag Fk v APOEL - 2.18 Qarabag

  • Group A sees Sevilla likely dominate so 2nd spot is up for grabs.
  • 0-3 loss v Sevilla and 1-4 win v F91 for Qarabag.
  • 3-4 loss v F91 and 1-0 loss v Sevilla for APOEL.
  • APOEL did lead F91 0-3 before that horrendous result.
  • Angles? Similar(ish) collateral form. As is typical of the Europa League, there are so many matches in which I cannot find any angles.

Roma v  Mgladbach - 2.3 Roma

  • Group J sees Roma and Wolfsberger 1 and 2 after 2 matches
  • 4-0 win v Basaksehir and 1-1 v Wolfsberger for Roma.
  • 0-4 loss v Wolfsberger and 1-1 draw v Basakeshir for Mgladbach.
  • Angles? - 2 sides I thought would dominate Group J. I personally fancy Roma here but this is the Europa League...

Slovan Bratislava v Wolves - 1.77 Wolves

  • Group K is tight so this match takes on added significance.
  • The Slovakian league really should be no match for a Premier League.
  • Slovan beat Besiktas 4-2 and drew 2-2 v Braga.
  • Wolves had a frustrating start to their season but have now managed 3 wins in 4 matches in all competitions. Those 3 wins were to nil.
  • 0-1 loss v Braga and 0-1 win away at Besiktas for Wolves this Europa League.
  • Angles? Not sure. Slovan are conceding 2 goals, yes, but not losing. Wolves are conceding a maximum of one goal but scoring no more than one goal.

St Etienne v Oleksandria - 1.5 St E

  • 4 1-0 scorelines and a 1-1 in St Etienne's last 5 matches. 3 1-0 wins and a 1-1 last 4 matches for St Etienne. I did point you towards their late goal habits at the weekend. 2 consecutive 90th minute 1-0 wins  so note that for this evening if it is 0-0 late on.
  • 3-2 loss for St Etienne v Gent and 1-1 v Wolfsburg.
  • 3-1 loss for Olek v Wolfsburg and 1-1 draw v Gent.
  • Angles? No strong angles here. Do remember that if it is 0-0 late on, you may want to take a chance on a late St Etienne winner if 0-0 85th minute. It is a welcome habit of theirs of late. Do note the both teams scoring habit for both sides of late though.

Young Boys v Feyenoord - 1.91 YB

  • Group G sees the Young Boys and Feyenoord joined by Porto and Rangers.
  • 2-1 loss for YB v Porto. 2-1 win v Rangers. That's 4 consecutive 2-1 scorelines for YB in the Europa League.
  • 1-0 loss v Rangers and 2-0 home win v Porto for Feyenoord.
  • Angles? Interesting to see that the Young Boys are favourites today. They are scoring and conceding in the EL. Note that.

20:00 - Arsenal v Guimaraes - 1.28 Arsenal

  • Arsenal top group F with Guimaraes bottom.
  • 0-3 v Frankfurt and 4-0 v Standard sees Arsenal emphatic.
  • 2-0 loss v Standard and 0-1 loss v Frankfurt for Guimaraes.
  • Angles? On collateral form alone, Arsenal should win and not concede.

Celtic v Lazio - 2.72 Lazio

  • 1-1 v Rennes and 2-0 win v Cluj for Celtic.
  • 2-1 loss v Cluj and 2-1 win v Rennes for Lazio.
  • 2.72 the favourite suggests it's too tough to call.

Dynamo Kiev v FC Copenhagen - 1.94 Kiev

  • Group B sees 2nd and 1st here.
  • 1-0 win v Malmo and 0-0 v Lugano for Dynamo Kiev.
  • 1-0 win v Lugano and 1-1 v Malmo for Copenhagen.
  • Angles? No strong angles. Both sides have similar collateral form and are keeping things tight.

Eintracht Frankfurt v Standard - 1.53 Frankfurt

  • These are the other 2 sides in Arsenal's group. 0-3 loss v Arsenal and 0-1 win v Guimaraes for Frankfurt is unspectacular form.
  • 2-0 win v Guimaraes and 4-0 loss v Arsenal for Standard.
  • Angles? I cannot justify backing Frankfurt at such short odds so will look to the in-play stats to confirm pre-match market confidence.

Getafe v FC Basel - 1.95 Getafe

  • Getafe and Basel dominate this Group C early.
  • 1-0 win v Trabzonspor and 1-2 win v Krasnador for Getafe.
  • 5-0 win v Krasnador and 2-2 v Trabzonspor for Basel.
  • Angles? I like Basel's goal scoring but clearly Getafe are a step above Krasnador and Trabzonspor. No strong angles.

Malmo FF v Lugano - 1.65 Malmo

  • Group B sees Copenhagen and Dynamo Kiev 1st and 2nd .Must win territory for these 2 now that 1 and 2 are playing each other.
  • 1-0 loss v Dynamo Kiev and 1-1 draw v Copenhagen for Malmo sees them stifled by an inability to score 2 goals. By the same token, they are not conceding 2 goals.
  • Swiss side Lugano lost 1-0 v Copenhagen and drew 0-0 v Dynamo Kiev.
  • Angles? The market is clearly with Malmo despite both sides showing similar form against similar opponents. Let the in-play stats justify the odds. If Lugano score, they may not follow up so lay them if they score first.

PSV v LASK Linz - 1.67 PSV

  • 2 solid sides in their domestic leagues. Group D sees PSV with 2/2 wins.
  • 3-2 win v Sporting, 1-4 win v Rosenborg for PSV. Full of goals but note they are conceding.
  • This is the first of 2 encounters in a row between these 2 teams.
  • 1-0 win v Rosenborg and 2-1 loss v Sporting for LASK Linz.
  • Angles? Again only collateral form to work via. That form sees PSV as the keener goalscorers, despite conceding. Enough to go to war with today. They have home advantage.

Rennes v CFR Cluj - 1.91 Rennes

  • 1-1 v Celtic and 2-1 loss v Lazio for Rennes.
  • 2-1 win v Lazio and 2-0 loss v Celtic for Cluj.
  • Group E sees it tight between Celtic, Cluj and Lazio. Rennes, therefore, need something more than Cluj in this match.
  • Angles? None I'm afraid. Let the in-play stats be your guide.

Sevilla v F91 Dudelange - 1.09 Sevilla

  • Group A looks a reasonable group for Sevilla.
  • 0-3 win v Qarabag and 1-0 win v APOEL. Clean sheet wins for Sevilla.
  • 3-4 win v APEOL and 1-4 loss v Qarabag for F91. This really should be a simple evening for Sevilla.
  • Remember, if 0-0 at 20 minutes, back 1-0, 2-0, any unquoted in the halftime score market.

Sporting Lisbon v Rosenborg - 1.56 Sporting

  • 3-2 loss v PSV and 2-1 win v LASK Linz for Sporting sees them scoring and conceding. 1-0 loss v LASK Linz and 1-4 loss v PSV for Rosenborg.
  • Angles? Both teams could score with Sporting not losing?

Trabzonspor v FK Krasnodar - 2.58 Trab

  • Group C sees Getafe and Basel dominate.
  • 1-0 loss v Getafe and 2-2 draw v Basel for Trab.
  • 5-0 loss v Basel and 1-2 loss v Getafe for Krasnador.
  • Angles? Leave this. 2.58 the favourite.