Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Little of interest to research today.
We have a series of International Friendlies today, best served via the in-play stats. Epic matches such as Malta v Luxembourg and Faroe Islands v Latvia make little or no appeal.
One set of competitions I would suggest you keep an eye on today are the UEFA Under 21 Championships and UEFA Under 17 Championships (today the UEFA Under 21 Championships are well worth your attention).  I will do a quick Facebook live video reviewing some of yesterday's matches in these competitions and some of the profitable trading angles.
I would recommend you take your cues for these matches from the pre-match odds favourite if a clear favourite, and from the in-play stats. is an excellent free in-play stats site. Your focus should remain on shots on target, shots off target and corners.
Use the Shorties list which I will do for you at the DRT Facebook page to zero in on matches with strong favourites and therefore viable angles if the underdog scores first, if 0-0 at halftime or 0-0 very late on.