Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I chose the right match for 0-0 in the Champions League. 78th minute first goal in the Atl Madrid v Juventus match. 2-0 Atl Madrid final score.
Today's research is sparse. I have only recorded what's needed by the teams in reaction to first leg match scorelines.
Arsenal are expected to return to the 10 goals in 2 matches of 2017 v BATE; a possibility for Red Bull Salzburg to shine at home as they have an excellent Europa League record?; back 0-0 pre match Genk v Slavia Prague? 5 clean sheets in 7 in this competition for Slavia; Leverkusen to shine at home against a Krasnador who do not travel well away in the Europa league.


It's 2nd leg day today so we have trading angles into the vast majority of matches.

17:55 - Arsenal v BATE Borisov - 1.15 Arsenal

  • 10 goals in 2 head to heads for Arsenal but suddenly a 1-0 loss in the first leg. This is advantage BATE Borisov as they did not concede an away goal.
  • If BATE score today, Arsenal will require 3 + goals in order to go through.
  • 1.15 odds suggests that Arsenal will revert to their 2017 performances v BATE (10 goals in 2 matches).
  • 1.15 also suggests a goal before halftime. You know the drill. 20 minutes if 0-0, enter the halftime score market and back 1-0, 2-0, even any other home score in order to create value.

17:55 - Dinamo Zagreb v Plzen - 1.68 Dinamo Zagreb

  • 2-1 Plzen from the first leg saw Dinamo Zagreb score first. Dinamo Zagreb have the away goal. 1-0 will do for them today. Plzen, if scoring an away goal, will give Dinamo Zagreb trouble. The first goal is therefore crucial. The market is with Dinamo Zagreb. I must note domestically at least that Dinamo Zagreb are back in form at home, very very tough to beat, and winning consistently.

17:55 - Eintracht Frankfurt v Shakhtar - 2.06 Eintracht Frankfurt

  • 2-2 from the first leg. 2 away goals for Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • The first leg was muddling. Frankfurt took a 7th minute lead. Shakhtar scored a 9th minute penalty and had a red card 11th minute. Frankfurt made if 1-2 and Shakhtar equalised soon afterwards with 10 men.
  • I have no strong angles.

17:55 - Napoli v FC Zurich - 1.23 Napoli

  • 1-3 Napoli in the first leg is what we expected from an Italian Seria A side against a Swiss Super League side.
  • 3 away goals for Napoli has, realistically, ended this tie. Napoli can afford a 0-2 defeat and still progress via away goal rule so please note that. It is not a must win for Napoli. FC Zurich need 3 goals.

17:55 - Red Bull Salzburg v Club Brugge - 1.57 Red Bull Salzburg

  • 2-1 Club Brugge from the first leg. Salzburg opened the scoring.
  • Salzburg have the away goal and need only a 1-0 today to progress. I did say in initial research that Salzburg have an excellent record in the Europa League. The market is certainly with them today. They would, I suspect, prefer 2 goals today as insurance against an away goal conceded.

17:55 - Valencia v Celtic - 1.65 Valencia

  • 2 away goals for Valencia sees Celtic having to match that today as their first step. The first leg did suggest that there was too big a gap in form between the Spanish La Liga and the Scottish Premier League.
  • Celtic need 3 goals today realistically to go through, even if Valencia score a single goal.

17:55 - Villarreal v Sporting Lisbon - 1.96 Villareal

  • The perfect first leg for Villareal. Away goal without conceding.
  • They only need a 0-0 to go through. Sporting Lisbon must score 2 goals. If they do, Villareal will need 3 goals.
  • The options are clear for both sides.

17:55 - Zenit St Petersburg v Fenerbahce - 2.04 Zenit

  • 1-0 to Fenerbahce in the first leg. Zenit must match this 1-0 scoreline and keep Fenerbahce from scoring. If Fenerbahce score, Zenit must score 3 goals.

20:00 - Benfica v Galatasaray - 1.73 Benfica

  • 1-2 Benfica from the first leg. Benfica opened up with a penalty.
  • They can afford a 0-1 loss and still progress on away goals.
  • Galatasary need a 0-2 in order to progress.

20:00 - Betis v Rennes - 1.7 Betis

  • 3-3 from the first leg. Betis have the away goals. 2 of Rennes goals were an own goal and a penalty. On that basis, Betis, with 3 goals from open play, look a shade hard done by from the first leg and may have the better form. Side with the home side today? A 0-0 though is all that they need. Rennes go through with a 0-1.

20:00 - Chelsea v Malmo FF - 1.26 Chelsea

  • 0-2 Chelsea became 1-2 with an 80th minute Malmo goal. I think Chelsea are comfortable enough with this opposition and I would look for them to progress readily. They can afford a 0-1 defeat and still progress.

20:00 - Dynamo Kiev v Olympiakos - 2.24 Dynamo Kiev

  • Olympiakos led twice in the opener until a 2-2 final score.
  • Dynamo Kiev need a 0-0 to progress under the away goal rule. Olympiakos need a 0-1 to progress in the easiest way possible.

20:00 - Genk v Slavia Prague - 2.08 Genk

  • 0-0 from the first leg sees advantage Slavia Prague on away goal rule. If they score, Genk need to score 2 goals.
  • 5 clean sheets in 7 in the Europa League for Slavia Prague. They did concede away v Copenhagen and Bordeaux.
  • Another match where backing 0-0 pre match might see a profit. Cash out as late as possible. Slavia Prague's defensive strengths are well shown in this competition.

20:00 - Inter v Rapid Vienna - 1.36 Inter

  • Perfect first away leg for Inter Milan. 0-1. Away goal in the bag. Shut up shop here and make sure you do not concede 2 goals.
  • After failing to score in 3 2019 league matches, Inter are back with 1 away v Parma, 1 away v Rapid and 2 at home v Sampdoria. Is this forward malaise over?
  • It should be a comfortable night for the Italians.

20:00 - Leverkusen v FK Krasnodar - 1.46 Leverkusen

  • 0-0 from the first leg sees advantage FK Krasnador who have to conjure an away goal. Leverkusen will not want to concede as then they will have to score 2 goals.
  • A recent 3-1 home win v Bayern Munich advertises Leverkusen's strengths at home.
  • Krasnador have been in friendly mode of late, and have a poor away record in the Europa League. 3 losses last 4 should give advantage Leverkusen who, I think, will be aiming for 2+ goals as insurance against an away goal conceded.