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15:00 - Kazakhstan v Latvia - 1.66 Kazakhstan

  • 117th v 132nd in the rankings. Rankings will give us something to gauge the teams by.
  • A loss v Georgia, 2 draws v Andorra and Latvia, and a 4-0 win v Andorra for the Kazaks.
  • The Kazaks scored first v Latvia who equalised afterwards.
  • Draw, Loss, Draw, Loss for Latvia. So, we infer that a draw is best case scenario for Latvia today. They have not scored 2 goals yet so lay them if they score first.

19:45 kick odds

Andorra v Georgia - 1.38 Georgia

  • 133rd v 92nd in the Fifa Rankings. Tight enough considering Andorra are one of the established minnows.
  • 0-1-0-0 scored by Andorra this NL.
  • 4 consecutive clean sheet wins for Georgia.
  • Still plenty of games to be played in this Group Stage but Georgia do have a commanding lead at the top - and look a big price relative to both teams' achievements so far.
  • I would expect an away win to nil, 0-2 worst case.

Austria v Bosnia - 2.04 Austria

  • League B in the NL and Group 3.
  • 2 matches played by Austria, 1-0 loss away v Bosnia and 1-0 win v Northern Ireland.
  • 3 consecutive wins for Bosnia, 1-2 away win v Northern Ireland, 1-0 win at home v Austria and 2-0 win v Northern Ireland.
  • Limited form to work with in this ever-complicated NL competition.Given Austria's 1-0 habit, backing 0-0 pre match may offer a tradable option if we assume Austria are set up to be tough to score against, and given their home form on this occasion.

Belgium v Iceland - 1.21 Belgium

  • League A.Group 2 features these 2 and Switzerland.
  • 1st v 36th in the FIFA rankings.
  • Wins for Belgium 0-3 v Iceland and 2-1 v Switzerland.
  • 3 consecutive defeats for Iceland v Switzerland, Belgium and Switzerland.
  • We must favour the Belgians here today. It was an easy encounter away in Iceland and should be more so at home.

Croatia v Spain - 2.22 Spain

  • League A Group 4 features these 2 and England.
  • 4th v 9th in the FIFA rankings. This should be one tight affair.
  • 6-0 Spain in the previous NL encounter.
  • Croatia are yet to score in this competition. 6-0 loss to Spain and 0-0 v England. Are they fielding an experimental team? Are they blooding the youngsters?
  • Spain beat England and Croatia and Lost 2-3 to England, 0-3 England led, Spain scored 58th and 90th minute.
  • Croatia are an unknown quantity here. Far better than their results suggest. Spain have only conceded to England.
  • Favour the Spaniards on what form we have in this competition. Scoring 2+ goals regularly but note that the market expects a tighter encounter. Croatia layable if scoring first?

Greece v Finland - 2.14 Greece

  • League C, Group 2.
  • No draw for either of these 2 in their NL matches.
  • Finland have a 100% win record v Hungary, Estonia, (1-0 twice), 2-0 v Greece.
  • Greece lost 2 of their away matches v Hungary and Finland. Wins v the others were 1-0.
  • Only 1 away match for Finland was a 0-1 win v Estonia so little to gauge them by.
  • Lay any late draw and hope that lack of draw sequence continues?
  • Greece are obviously better at home. Tough to call and in-play stats if I was to trade.

Hungary v Estonia - 1.4 Hungary

  • Hungary's sole win came at home v Greece 2-1.
  • 3-3 away at Estonia saw Estonia score first, Hungary score the next 2, Estonia score the next 2, Hungary finish off.
  • 3 1-0 defeats for Estonia and a 3-3 v Hungary.
  • I cannot see Estonia winning now Hungary have home advantage.

Luxembourg v Belarus - 2.7 Belarus

  • 84th v 78th in the rankings. Tight.
  • And the market agrees that this will be a tight match.
  • 3 wins for Luxembourg, their sole defeat was a 1-0 v Belarus.
  • Belarus have 4/4 clean sheets v San Marino, Moldova, Luxembourg, Moldova. 0-0's v Moldova.
  • Back 0-0 pre-match and hope this is another very tight match? Cash out as late as possible.

San Marino v Moldova - 1.19 Moldova

  • Gather round the TV for this football extravaganza.
  • 4/4 defeats for San Marino without scoring, conceding 2+ goals at least.
  • Moldova lost 4-0 to Luxembourg. 3 clean sheets after that included a 2-0 v San Marino. One goal 1st half, one goal 2nd half.
  • Play the delay game with Moldova. Hope they take their time to score their opener. It should be a comfortable enough evening. 31st minute they took first match.


Friendlies are tough to evaluate. There can be a huge difference in performance first half and second half as there tends to me multiple changes (above and beyond the usual 3) at halftime.

17:00 - Poland v Czech Republic - 1.81 Poland

  • A huge contrast with Poland's recent friendly form. From conceding 0-1-0-1-1 to suddenly conceding 2-2-0-1. From scoring 0-1-0-0-0 to scoring 3-2-4-1 goals.
  • 3-2-4-1 scored in recent home friendlies.
  • No draw in 6 for the Czechs in friendlies.
  • 3 wins and 2 defeats.
  • The last 6 Czech friendlies have come away. Loss, Win, Win, Loss, Win, Loss.
  • We may see 2 goals from the Poles today, particularly if Lewandowski is given 90 minutes. The Poles may concede too so lay the Czechs if the Czechs score first.

18:15 - Israel v Guatemala - 1.3 Israel

  • Tough to evaluate 2 sides from 2 vastly different footballing federations.
  • Only 1 win in 8 friendlies for the Israelis was v ....Honduras, another central /South American side.
  • Absolutely nothing else form wise. Faith in the odds here and, yes you guessed it, the in-play stats (Bet365 mobile,, and (if their live centre is working for this match).

19:45 - Germany v Russia - 1.33 Germany

  • Team news vital for Germany. If my memory serves me well, they do not focus on a need to win friendlies.
  • Only 2 wins in 8 friendlies for Germany. 2 consecutive 2-1 wins v Saudi Arabia and Peru with have those Ruskies knees-a-shaking.
  • Bar Peru and Saudi Arabia, I must note that Germany have played some decent sides - Denmark,England, France, Spain, Brazil, Austria (who always tend to give them a good game).
  • Only 1 loss in 8 home friendlies for Ze Germans came v Brazil, a 0-1.They scored and conceded in 4 of their last 5 matches.
  • Only 1 win in 8 friendlies for the Ruskies came last match, a 5-1 v the Czechs.
  • Only 2 away wins in 9 for Russia came v Hungary.
  • Germany look reasonable at home and are expected not to lose today but  we must note that they do not necessarily go for, or expect, the win. Admittedly they have played, by and large, far better teams than Russia in friendlies.

19:45 - Rep of Ireland v Northern Ireland - 2.16 Rep of Ireland

  • An obvious derby and this will be a game of great atmosphere in Dublin.
  • Last head to head was 2011.
  • In 8 friendlies, NI have only lost twice v Croatia and Costa Rica.
  • NI have not won an away friendly in 8 matches, failing to score in 7 matches.
  • 3 wins in 4 home matches for Ireland v Oman, Uruguay and United States.
  • Not a match I can get a handle on. Derby factor too. In-play stats will be important here.

20:00 - England v USA - 1.32 England

  • Wayne Rooney gets a run out, and a break from topping up his retirement fund in the U.S.A, the home of soccerball.
  • Under Mr. Waistcoat, England look as if they take friendlies seriously. They are unbeaten in 7 friendlies, conceding 0-0-0-1-1-0-0 goals and playing teams such as Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy so it is good form.
  • 4 wins in 5 for England v Netherlands away, Nigeria, Costa Rica and Switzerland at home. Good stuff. Remember the Swiss are top 10 now.
  • USA Only 1 win in 6 friendlies. They scored and conceded in 4/6 friendlies.
  • England team news vital. Watch for 1st and 2nd half team changes. Another clean sheet for England? If they do concede, they are unlikely to concede 2 goals.