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No strong pre-match research. It's all about the in-play stats. 3 Euro qualifiers are 2.4+ the favourite - the professionals can't pick a side! There are Euro U21 qualifiers throughout the day and if there are any angles I'll Telegram them to you. African Nations Cup qualifiers are on throughout the day and were very tradable yesterday, as you can attest to on Telegram. The Danish Cup is also not worth researching but did provide a trade or two via the in-play stats yesterday.

UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers

17:00 - Georgia v North Macedonia - 2.78 Georgia

  • 86th v 65th. I am not going to research 2.78 the favourite and that goes too for the Northern Ireland match below


Serbia v Scotland - 1.7 Serbia

  • 30th v 45th.

Northern Ireland v Slovakia - 2.7 Northern Ireland

  • 41st v 37th.

Hungary v Iceland - 2.46 Hungary

  • 47th v 39th.


  • I won't research friendlies. In-play stats reveal all, as they did for example with Denmark v Sweden yesterday.

14:00 - Uzbekistan v Syria - 1.91 Uzbekistan

17:00 - Moldova v Russia - 1.26 Russia

17:00 - Bosnia v Iran - 2.62 Iran

19:45 - Wales v USA - 2.52 Wales

20:00 - England v Republic of Ireland - 1.36 England