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I ignored the Germany v England match as I simply could not get an angle in, but the match provided a ready angle in as Germany went 2-0 up. Did you lay Ze Germans? What a comeback from England! 2-3! Incidentally, take note of the goal-laden South American qualifiers. Sir Desmond of Tutu tends to turn up with alarming frequency. Peru V Venezuala, Brazil v Uruguay, El Salvador v Honduras, Chile v Argentina (not quite - 1-2), Ecuador v Paraguay, all 2-2 results. Bolivia v Colombia was a 2-3 result. Is this just a South American trait? Do take note for later CONMEBOL matches. Take the day off would be my advice today. Enjoy your Easter Eggs! At 1:30pm, Thailand take on the Korean Republic in a friendly which I am loathe to touch, coming as it does after a World cup Asia qualifying phase. Thailand have completed their round of World Cup Asia qualifiers and had a great run and face a Korean Republic side with 7 consecutive wins to nil and 8 consecutive clean sheets. All of this without the advantage of a Supreme Leader such as the Mighty Kim Jong Un up front. I think this South Korean side might be a slight step-up for the Thais today. Against a defence as solid as the Koreans', I think Thailand may have trouble scoring more than 1 goal so would perhaps lay the Thais if the Thais scored first.  This research was done without checking the odds. The market agrees with me. Korea are 1.62 favourites which does suggest that step-up in class for Thailand. At 6:30pm, San Marino U21 host Sweden u21 with the Swedes an illiquid 1.02. The only value here is in a potential correct score win to nil for the Swedes beginning at 0-3 and including, say, 0-4 and 0-6 in case the Swedes really go to town. San MArino u21 tend to level out at 0-3 and 0-4 defeats. At 7:45pm, Romania host Spain who are 1.69 favourites in another friendly. Spain do not have that winning head on when it comes to recently friendlies away from home, with 3 losses and a draw in their last 5 friendlies, albeit against tasty opposition in France, Netherlands and Italy latterly. Romania are unbeaten in 5 friendlies and the only team of note they met was Italy in a 2-2. Only 1 loss in 12 friendlies for Romania, and no loss in 13 home friendlies for Romania suggests the Spaniards will have a good test tonight. I am afraid that the general laissez-faire attitude towards friendlies from Spain does not make them appealing, unless the in-play stats point to a dominant display. It is to the in-play stats that I would have to defer in this match (see for the best in-play stats for free). And that's it today. An unconventional message and a quiet day. I will be monitoring the Romania game myself in-play.