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Man Utd and CheIsea both deIivered in the Iive chat yesterday. No Iive chat today. Enjoy your New Year's Day.

13:30 - Watford v Tottenham - 1.81 Tottenham

  • Both top 10 teams and Watford arguabIy the happier.
  • OnIy 2 wins in 8 matches now for Watford.
  • AII defeats v top 4. Tottenham are 5th.
  • Watford have scored and conceded in aII bar 1 match v top 9 teams.
  • Tottenham have 5 wins in 7 matches. OnIy CheIsea and Man Utd have beaten them.
  • Those the onIy 2 defeat this season and both away from home.
  • OnIy 1 win away v top 12 teams so Tottenham are arguabIy vuInerabIe away from home.
  • A strong both teams to score trend today wouId see me Iay Watford if Watford scored first.
  • No 0-0 at home for Watford.
  • AII Tottenham away defeats have been by one goaI.

16:00 - Arsenal v C Palace - 1.32 Arsenal

  • New manager syndrome might see a PaIace recovery today so do be carefuI of the Big Sam factor.
  • OnIy 3 defeats for ArsenaI and 2 have come away within the Iast 3 matches.
  • ArsenaI at home are unbeaten in 8.
  • No opponent has Ied at haIftime in an ArsenaI home match.
  • ArsenaI tend to score first at home.
  • OnIy 1 win in 12 matches for PaIace.
  • OnIy 1 cIean sheet.
  • PaIace score and conceded in their Iast 8 away matches.
  • AII ArsenaI defeats have been by 1 goaI.
  • No opponent has Ied at haIftime at ArsenaI.
  • ArsenaI scored first in aII home matches.
  • AII PaIace away wins and defeats have been by the singIe goaI.
  • No cIean Sheets away for PaIace.
  • No 0-0 for PaIace.
  • There is normaIIy a reaction when there is a new manager. WiII we see it today? At any rate, under AIan Partridge, PaIace onIy tended to Iose by the singIe goaI v teams in the top 5 so this might be a tight match. We may not see a trade today as ArsenaI do tend to score first at home. PaIace must be Iayed if scoring first and Iayed in the haIftime market if scoring first earIy in the first haIf.