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Some good calls yesterday but some slip ups by established sides v newly promoted reminds us that these newly promoted sides could be anything. 13:30 live chat today will get the start of the EPL and our Dutch friends and move into Italian Seria A which thankfully reverts to 14:00. See you on Twitter again at 13:30 @drtclub.


13:30 - Wolves v Burnley - 1.77 Wolves

  • 2 consecutive home draws for Wolves. They kept solid yardsticks Man City and Everton from winning.
  • Burnley will start playing as we expect them to play.....but when? A 0-0 and 3 consecutive defeats.
  • It is hard to call. In-play stats for me. We simply don't know when the real Burnley will turn up.

16:00 - Everton v West Ham - 2.04 Everton

  • 3 score draws and a 2-1 win for Everton, scoring and conceding but not losing.
  • 4 consecutive defeats for West Ham. 4-3 conceded away. Care needed with this Everton side who have scored 2 goals on 3 occasions.
  • West Ham will need to improve defensively and could be caught out. I would have to be with the home side not to lose.


14:00 - Nantes v Reims - 2.02 Nantes

  • No recent head to heads.
  • Only 1 win for Nantes, 2-3 v Strasbourg last match. Both teams have scored in 3 of 4 matches. No clean sheets for Nantes.
  • Nantes at home have been poor. They have scored 1-1, one goal a 90th minute consolation 0-3 down, the other an 80th minute penalty.
  • 2 wins and 2 losses for Reims. The wins only 1-0.
  • We have a newly promoted side so there is a question mark. I am personally not taken by Nantes either so a watching brief, with inplay stats your guide.

16:00 - Bordeaux v Nimes - 1.92 Bordeaux

  • No head to heads. Note what I said in my introduction. Nimes a newly promoted side.
  • No draw this season for these 2.
  • 3 losses and a win v Monaco for Bordeaux. Bordeaux have conceded 2-2-1-2 this season.
  • Nimes started well with 3-4 and 3-1 wins v Angers and Marseille. 1-0 loss v Toulouse and loss v PSG.
  • I would say, here, that Nimes could give Bordeaux a game today. Note Dusseldorf and Parma yesterday - these newly promoted sides would not have had players affected by the International Break and may play above themselves. The value is in laying Bordeaux if Bordeaux lead.

20:00 - Marseille v Guingamp - 1.33 Marseille

  • Marseille have scored 4-1-2-2 this season. Newly promoted Nimes kept them to 1 goal only.
  • 4/4 defeats for Guingamp who have scored in 3 of the matches.
  • I would look for Marseille to bring it home, even if conceding.
  • Neither side has had a 0-0 at halftime.


14:30 - Werder Bremen v Nurnberg - 1.69 Werder

  • Newly promoted Nurnberg meet Bundesliga stalwarts Werder.
  • 1-1 and 1-2 win Werder. We tend to see both teams to score for Werder and a goal at least before halftime. 50/50 with the latter.
  • 1-0 away loss v Hertha and 1-1 at home v Mainz for Nurnberg. A clear defensive tactic for Nurnberg?
  • The market does not expect Werder to lose.

17:00 - Freiburg v Stuttgart - 2.82 Freiburg

  • The market suggests in-play stats are the ideal here.
  • Both sides have lost their opening 2 matches. Stuttgart have failed to score a goal yet.
  • Not for me this one.


11:30 - Roma v Chievo - 1.26 Roma

  • 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 last 3 Chievo visits. Roma should feel confident today.
  • Win, Draw, Loss Roma so far. Poor start. They did score 3 goals in their last home match, a 3-3 draw.
  • 2 defeats and a 0-0 for Chievo. Juventus and Fiorentina scored 3 and 6 goals.
  • The head to heads and Chievo concession rate suggests 3 goals at least for Roma who, I must say, have been poor early doors.

14:00 - Genoa v Bologna - 2.02 Genoa

  • 2 consecutive Bologna wins to nil in the last 2 head to heads.
  • 2-1 Genoa and 5-3 Sassuolo in the last 2 matches.
  • Bologna are yet to score. Will that pattern continue?
  • If that pattern continues, Genoa should simply overwhelm Bologna today.

14:00 - Juventus v Sassuolo - 1.23 Juventus

  • Both sides are unbeaten this season. I would describe Juventus as finding a way to win. 2-3 v Chievo and 1-2 v Parma were hard fought wins.
  • 2 home wins and a 2-2 away v Cagliari.
  • Let's hope that Juventus continue to huff and puff.....but get the job done because their matches have been very tradable IF we keep the faith in Ronny and the Old Lady.

14:00 - Udinese v Torino - 2.62 Torino

  • An off-putting betting market.
  • 2-2, 2-2, 2-3 Torino, 2-0 Torino recent head to heads.
  • We know last season that Udinese had a terrible run of conceding 2 goals and losing, at the back end of last season.
  • Both sides have a win, loss, draw. The draw was 2-2, the win 1-0 and the loss 0-1 for both teams.
  • Another match for the in-play stats. Will Udinese concede 2 goals?

17:00 - Empoli v Lazio - 1.77 Lazio

  • Last met February 2017. Lazio tended to win head to heads.
  • Win, Loss, Draw for Empoli this season.
  • 2 defeats for Lazio v Napoli and Juventus and a win v Frosinone.
  • Empoli a relatively unknown quantity. Note this is a step down for Lazio from meeting the top 3 last season.

19:30 - Cagliari v AC Milan - 1.83 AC Milan

  • Loss Draw Win for Cagliari this season.
  • Loss 3-2 v Napoli and 2-1 win v Roma for Milan. A feeling Milan have goals in them.
  • Little to work with bar the sight of Milan scoring 2+ goals.


11 am - Leganes v Villarreal - 2.7 Villareal

  • An un-inviting market.
  • 2 consecutive 2-1 Villareal wins in head to heads.
  • Loss, Draw, Loss .....for both sides this season.
  • 2-2-4 goals conceded by Leganes this season, 2-0-1 Villareal.
  • Are Leganes vulnerable to conceding at least one goal? They average nearly 3 a game.

15:15 - Espanyol v Levante - 1.74 Espanyol

  • 0-0 and 1-1 in La Liga last season.
  • Win, Loss, Draw for both teams this season.
  • 1-2-3 goals before halftime in Levante matches this season. Noting Espanyol's earliest goal was 42nd minute, I would lay the 0-0 in the halftime score market 40th minute if still 0-0.

17:30 - Valladolid v Alaves - 2.32 Valladolid

  • Newly promoted Valladolid will fit into my Dusseldorf/Parma category of having the potential to surprise.
  • 0-0, 0-1 loss v Barca and 0-0 for Valladolid this season. A clear defensive bent. Back 0-0 pre match?
  • Alaves lost 3-0 to Barca, 0-0, v Betis and 2-1 win v Espanyol.
  • This could be 0-0 at halftime. 5/6 matches 0-0 at halftime for these 2.

19:45 - Sevilla v Getafe - 1.73 Sevilla

  • 1-1, 0-1 Sevilla, 1-1 in the last 3 matches.
  • Win, Loss, Draw for both sides this season.
  • The draw was 0-0.
  • Sevilla have failed to score in their last 2 matches. Getafe failed to score in 2 matches.
  • This could be a tight match with Sevilla not losing.


11:15 - AZ Alkmaar v Feyenoord - 2.58 Feyenoord

  • Feyenoord tend to win head to heads.
  • AZ started with 9 goals in 2 matches. Followed that up with a 0-0 and a 3-2 loss. They certainly have goals in them.
  • Feyenoord started the season poorly, but have now had 3 consecutive wins, scoring 3-5-4 goals.
  • These 2 could cancel each other out. Both solid last season. But goals should be forthcoming and the potential for a goal before halftime. Slightly favour Feyenoord today on head to heads.

13:30 - Heerenveen v Heracles - 1.92 Heerenveen

  • Both teams have scored in all Heerenveen matches this season with only one win. No 0-0 at halftime.
  • Heracles have been good but away, 1-1 v Ajax and 5-0 loss v Willem II.
  • 1-1 and 1-2 Heerenveen last season.
  • Both teams could score today and we could see a goal before halftime. Tough to pick a winner. 3-2 Heracles home win v AZ is very impressive.

13:30 - Utrecht v Emmen - 1.49 Utrecht

  • No recent head to heads.
  • Emmen newly promoted and could fall into that Dusseldorf/Parma category - can they beat an established side as these 2 did yesterday?
  • Poor start to season for Utrecht, Loss, win, 1-1, 1-1.
  • Emmen won their opener.2 losses and a 1-1 since.
  • Logically I am with Utrecht who were solid last season but yesterday, I was logically with the Hoff (2-1 loss) and Inter (0-1 loss) so pay attention to these newly promoted sides. Both sides had a 0-0 at halftime last match. 1-1 fulltime.

13:30 - Breda v Fortuna Sittard - 2.28 Breda

  • No head to heads since February 2017 suggests Sittard are....newly promoted so see my thoughts re Emmen.
  • 3 losses and a win for Breda, conceding 5-0-2-4 goals. No 0-0 at halftime.
  • Both teams have scored in Sittard's 4 matches. No wins yet.
  • Sittard are yet to score that 2nd goal. Will they struggle to score 2? If you think so, lay Sittard if Sittard score first.

15:45 - Zwolle v Vitesse - 2.18 Vitesse

  • 0-0 and 1-2 Vitesse last 2 head to heads.
  • 3 losses and a win Zwolle. Win, 2 draws, loss Vitesse. Loss v Ajax.
  • No strong angles here.